Ready to Grow in to your Taekwondo Green Belt?

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  • We tell you what your taekwondo green belt represents.
  • We give you tips to help you work towards your tkd green belt.
  • And we talk about self-control.

Your taekwondo green belt represents a plant. This plant is your taekwondo.
As a yellow belt you laid down the foundations of your martial art by learning the basics.

And now as you work towards your green belt you learn more testing techniques and start to face more mental hurdles.

Tips for your green belt basics

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Your instructor will expect your stances to be pretty well-defined at this level.

So when you practise make sure their is a clear difference between front (long) stance and walking stance.

Check your stances are the correct length for your school.
And be sure your back-stance has the correct shape and weight distribution.

If you're not sure on your taekwondo stances head here for help.

For your taekwondo strikes and blocks your instructor will look closely at your knife-hand techniques.
Work hard on your chambers. Pay attention to detail. And check the finish position of your hands each time.

For your taekwondo kicks you should be fairly comfortable with the basic technique for front kick and roundhouse kick (turning kick).

It's likely your instructor will want to see side-kick and back-kick in your green belt test.

These are hard kicks to master and they don't need to be perfect.

Do your best to work on getting your basic technique as good as you can.
You will reap the benefits later!

Green Belt Patterns

For green belt the taekwondo patterns move up a level. You need to show a good back stance.
Knife hand techniques.
Dual hand techniques (2 things at the same time).
And of course... side-kick!

As always with taekwondo patterns...
Take your time. Try to learn them slowly. And ideally try not to cram them just before your belt test.

If you train in WTF here's help with taegeuk-sam-jang (taegeuk 3) and taegeuk-sah-jang (taegeuk 4).

And if you train in ITF tae kwon do here's help with your green stripe pattern Do-San and your green belt pattern Won Hyo.

Sparring at green belt level

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At this stage chances are you have some sparring experience but you might still be struggling with fear.

This is normal for many people at this stage. Keep going... and don't let your fear beat you.

And if you're feeling more confident with sparring that's good... but take care...

When confidence first rises people often rush in and take some big hits.

Part of dealing with your new confidence involves staying safe by not letting you ego rise.

Remember in sparring that your footwork between the kicks is just as important as the kicks themselves. Work on your fighting stance. And practise staying balanced as you move forwards and backwards.

Physical Fitness

Hopefully you're much fitter now than when you started taekwondo! And hopefully training is less of a physical struggle than it used to be.

If you are still finding basic classes really tough. Or if those push-ups or sit-ups are really tough...

It might be worth doing some work outside of class to build your fitness level. Take a look at our taekwondo fitness training program here.

Remember Your Self-Control

And finally it's important to realize that your kicks and strikes are more powerful now.

It's vital you show self-control in everything you do. If you don't you could hurt someone and really regret it.

Your taekwondo green belt comes with a level of responsibility.

Remember that white and yellow belt students will look up to you and copy you.

So always try your best to nurture junior students and be a good role model.

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