Taekwondo Grandma Kathy E

by Katherine Evans
(Cleveland, Ohio USA)

I guess my journey began when I would bring my then 4 year old grandson to taekwondo (4 years ago). I would sit and watch my grandson with other mothers, fathers, and grandparents.

I decided to try out a class in October of 2009. The next day I was so sore that I could barely get out of bed but I stuck with it. The black belts that I train with encouraged me to keep going as well did the younger students.

I now have a yellow belt and preparing to test for an orange belt. Pretty good for a soon to be 58 year old grandmother!

I was so nervous when I tested and I just knew that I could not break boards, but guess what...?
... I did!

When you hear the board breaking that is the most wonderful sound and the feeling is awesome.

I am having the time of my life and I am also in better shape then I have ever been.

Deb's Reply

Hi Katherine

Great to hear from you. I love your story. It takes courage to start training at any age, but it's especially hard when you're in your 50's and beyond.

Well done with the board breaking and belt tests and I'm really glad you are having the time of your life.

I'm going to send you a free copy of my e-book 'Staying on the Path' because there's a story in there by a lady called Mary Davis that I think will inspire you in your taekwondo.

Thanks for a great story :-)

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Dec 12, 2010
Very nice!
by: John K.

This is really great to hear, keep it up!

Aug 14, 2010
by: Sarah

My master once said of an older gentleman in class that he deserved a round of applause because he didn't know if he himself would be able to perform as well when he was that old. That really spoke to me, so a round of applause to you for taking that step! Good Luck!

Apr 14, 2010
Great Piece
by: Michael Ball

I'm 45 years old and started Tae Kwon Do on March 11, 2010. I too felt the pain and strain on my body for days after my first class. I've never been a physically strong individual. I've always been known as a runner. After only a short time, my body is trimmed and stronger than ever before. The training is hard and I'm feeling the benefits.

My children (8 and 6) wanted to learn Tae Kwon Do and wanted me to take classes with them. We found a wonderful do jhang 5 minutes from home that allows families to train together. I found that I love the classes and really look forward to them. Six weeks into my training and I'll be testing for my yellow belt this Saturday (4/17/2010). I can't wait!

The black belts and other upper ranks are always encouraging me to push my body and mind. They are all willing to share the knowledge they've acquired and are also willing to help me improve my technique and style. This is priceless. My fellow students are like a family. We all stay in touch with each other and are genuinely concerned about one another. That's the best training you can get.

One second dan black belt started training when he was 40 years old and has been a huge inspiration for me. He has become something of a mentor for me.

Thanks for the article, Kathy. It's great to hear about older students getting started. This is something I want to take into the twilight of my life.

Apr 08, 2010
so many of us
by: Lee

Hi Kathy it has surprised me how many of us take up the tae kwon do path later in life. I'm not yet a grandparent , thankfully haha, but i find it inspiring to read of others my age or like yourself older, who commit to such hard training,worthwhile and fun but still quite hard.

I will be glad when Debs and co sort out a members forum on here so we can share our experiences with each other on life and on the subject we all care about , tae kwon do, until then please keep posting with your progress and sharing your path with us.

Thankyou . LEE

Apr 08, 2010
Silver Fox Taekwondo
by: David Fiscus


I'm also an over 50 TKD student, and have felt the same aches and pains...try using Advil and Aleve, they really help. One is for pain, the other for inflammation.

I started April 14th 2009. The good news is that it gets easier. Glad to hear your classmates are encouraging you, having their support is huge.

Try to go every other day if you can manage it. Going a lot develops the habit of participating, and taking the following day off helps us members of the over 50 gang recover. Work on your stretching at home, and you will see it pays off in class. There is a fairly cheap item ($39) you can buy off Amazon.com called "Stretch Loop" that has helped me a lot.

Keep up the good work, and best of luck.


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