Taekwondo Girls Kick Butt! Find Out Here why Taekwondo Training is so Good for Girls.

There's no getting away from it...

...Taekwondo Girls are FIT!

Martial arts training develops all round physical strength and fitness like no other sport.

Tkd girls are healthy with a positive body image.

But there's more...

Overcoming difficult challenges like sparring and breaking empowers girls. And the end result is high self esteem and incredible self confidence.

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Suddenly Nothing Is Impossible!

Here's a defining moment for one taekwondo girl Leah Jeffreys.

At just 11 years old she receives her junior black belt from 6th Degree Black Belt Master Ron Claassens.

Her journey to black belt has been a tough one.

It's taken six years of training 2-3 times each week to reach this level.

taekwondo girls,taekwondo kids,taekwondo

Leah began her martial arts journey as a shy and quiet 5 year old.

She found challenges like sparring and breaking particularly daunting.

Over the years she suffered a number of tearful defeats in taekwondo sparring competitions. It would have been so easy for her to give up.

But she learned not to see defeat as failure. Instead she saw it as a set-back she could learn from.

This is a great life lesson.

taekwondo girls,taekwondo kids,taekwondo

In her black belt grading Leah faced 6 different sparring opponents in a row without a rest in between.

This brought Leah to the point of physical and mental exhaustion.

She put up a brilliant show of strength and found the will to keep going.

She also faced 2 attackers at once in 'anything goes sparring' and was able to overcome fear and think clearly in a very challenging situation.

taekwondo girls,taekwondo kids,taekwondo

Learning to teach and pass on your knowledge is an essential part of the martial arts process.

Taekwondo girls like Leah often have a gentle, calm and assured manner.

This is invaluable when it comes to teaching.

Young taekwondo kids look up to role models like Leah and appreciate their kindness as they learn the all important basics.

taekwondo girls,taekwondo kids,taekwondo

No-one makes the journey to black belt alone.

Leah has made great friends along the way and these friends helped her through the toughest parts of her black belt test.

Here Fern McNulty encourages Leah as she successfully faces the physical challenge of 50 push ups in a row.

taekwondo girls,taekwondo kids,taekwondo

Taekwondo is tough.

Most people only stick at it for a year or two.

And very few adults and even less children make it to their black belt grading.

So take a bow Leah and well done on a fantastic achievement!

Leah trains at Spirit Taekwondo under Master Jason Smith.

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