your taekwondo gear bag...choose the right one...and pack the right stuff

Are you looking for the perfect taekwondo gear bag for you so you don't make an expensive mistake?

We've scoured the net looking at what's out there and we show you the best options we can find.

And If you're off to a competition...

...we give you a packing check-list so you're prepared and organized on the big day!

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When it comes to your taekwondo gear bag... size matters!

If you plan to spar regularly you need a big tkd gear bag.

This is because your chest protector is an awkward shape and doesn't like to bend!

We've busted many gear bag zips by forcing our chest protectors into a bag that's too small.

Get a bigger bag than you think you'll need.

A shoulder strap is great for helping you carry a heavy bag. And you can even get gear bags with wheels to help you with traveling to tournaments.

Look for a bag with lots of pockets in it so small items don't get lost among your sparring gear.

Here's some great options.

Expandable taekwondo bag

First up a great expandable taekwondo bag.

This is one large bag!

It's 26"(L) x 12"(W) x 12.5"(H). The height even extends to 16.5"

You'll find ample storage teamed with sturdy construction.

It has a large main compartment and convenient side compartments for wet gear.

There's even a handy inner pocket for small items like tape and mouth guards.

Do You Want a Gear Bag you can Carry as a Back Pack?

And if you cycle to training...

...this huge gear bag that converts into a useful backpack.

It has a sturdy nylon construction and three handy zipper pockets.

It comes in at a whopping 30"(L)x 13"(W)x 14"(H).

Taekwondo Gear Bag on Wheels

This bag is perfect for traveling to tournaments.

The telescoping handle saves you walking for miles carrying a heavy bag and there is even a shoulder strap if you need one.

It's 24"(L)x 12"(W)x 12"(H).

Taekwondo Back Pack

This great looking back pack has a nylon duffel-style drawstring opening.

There's a large front zippered pocket.

And an additional zippered pocket on the front flap for small items.

You can even unzip the sides to make the main compartment bigger.

This great back pack measures 12" (L) x 16" (H) x 5" (D), expanding to 10" (D).

Tournament Check List

taekwondo gear bag,taekwondo, martial art gear

For a taekwondo sparring tournament you need to pack

  • your tkd sparring gear - chest protector, shin and arm guards, head guard, groin guard, mouth guard
  • a towel
  • at least 2 doboks
  • freeze spray, foot tape, and sticking plasters
  • water bottle and snacks
  • your taekwondo licence
  • and of course... your taekwondo belt

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