10 top tips to help you learn your taekwondo forms

Do you find taekwondo forms hard to remember?

So do most people!

Here's 10 great tips to help you remember your taekwondo patterns.

1. try working on a small section of a form

Leah taekwondo patterns competition

In the beginning learning a whole poomse can be too much.

That's no problem.

Take time to learn a small section of a form. Learn it well. Get it into your body. Then go on to the next bit.

And when you're polishing your taekwondo patterns. Do the same. Polish a little section till it shines. Then add it into the whole form.

2. work out what each move means...then test them with a mate

This method works really well for Neil. Think about what you are doing in each move. Think about the attack. Think about your defense. And think about your counter attack.

Try acting your ideas out with a friend. If you work through all your taekwondo forms this way you won't forget them.

This video footage is of a karate competition. First the players demonstrate the form. And then they show the application. The standard is very high- we're not quite at this level yet! ;-)

3. don't be frightened to ask for help

If you get stuck with your tkd forms...

...ask for help!

At the end of a training session ask your instructor or a senior grade to show you the bit you don't understand.

Most martial artists love to pass on their knowledge- it's the traditional way. You can't practice a taekwondo poomse you don't know!

4. find a few minutes to walk your taekwondo patterns through each day

To set your taekwondo forms into your muscle memory you have to practice them.

There's no way round this! If you can find just a few minutes each day to walk through your taekwondo patterns you will be amazed at the progress you make.

Watching our free slow motion WTF and ITF taekwondo patterns downloads can help motivate you to practise.

5. learn one pattern at a time

We all tend to rush.

We want to get to the next thing. The next stage. The next taekwondo belt. The more exciting taekwondo forms.

We say...

...with taekwondo there is no rush.

Take time. Enjoy the journey. Learn each pattern slowly. One by one.

If you rush you can find they all merge into one and you start to make mistakes. And it can take you twice as long to untangle the muddle!

6. if your club run patterns classes- get to them if you can

Dedicated classes for taekwondo patterns are a great way to concentrate hard for an hour or two on nailing the moves.

If your school doesn't run a class like this you can always meet up with a couple of friends outside of training.

7. help someone else

If you think you know something.

Teach it.

Then you'll find out if you really know it!

If a white belt student is struggling with their taekwondo poomse, you can always offer to help them.

If they take you up on your offer you might be surprised how much you learn in the process!

8. consider doing a patterns competition

Taekwondo patterns competition

Have you thought about entering a taekwondo competition?

A poomse tournament is a wonderful way to test yourself and your taekwondo forms. It'll give you practice under pressure which is a great help when it comes to taekwondo belt tests.

9. have you tried visualization?

Here's how visualization works. Sit or lie comfortably and close your eyes.

Now imagine yourself in a white room. And imagine yourself doing your tkd pattern.

Think about each move. See every step, every hand movement, every head movement.

Be detailed. Be sure you know at each step where every part of you is. Take your time.

Do this regularly and you'll find your taekwondo forms will stay in your head.

10. and in the end?...there's no substitute for repetition

Practice. Repeat. Persevere.

Learning your taekwondo forms takes time and practice. And you have to put the time and the practice in!

So put in your time. But keep it fun!

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