Taekwondo For Women!....Let's Get Kicking!

What's your image of taekwondo? Or martial arts in general?

Probably not an image of taekwondo for women!

Mine used to be the typical picture of a fearsome looking male black belt. Breaking through a house brick with a knife hand strike.

Or Bruce Lee doing a flying side-kick across my TV screen.

I'd never considered taekwondo for myself. It looked way too far out of my comfort zone!

Then our daughter Leah started taekwondo training. I used to watch. And think how much fun it looked.

Then one day I just decided.

Enough watching!

I'm giving it a go.

And I did!

And I'm so glad I did!

I can honestly say that training in taekwondo has changed my life for the better.

Physical Benefits of Taekwondo For Women

The first benefit has been the huge increase in my physical fitness. Now that I'm fit. I can run. And jump. Play netball with my daughter. And dance all night if I want to!

And where I used to feel tired a lot of the time. Now I feel great!

The other physical benefit I've noticed is an increase in my physical strength. If you train in taekwondo. All your muscles from top to toe get stronger.

This doesn't mean you get big bulky muscles. Just that you develop a stronger, leaner body.

And these strong muscles support your body. Strong core muscles support your spine. And strong foot muscles help to keep good posture. And it's easier to lift things without straining yourself.

Another great thing about taekwondo for women. Is that when you kick. You have to use the muscles around your hips, thighs and lower abdomen.

Not many other sports use these muscles in the same way.

And when you use your hip and thigh muscles. They tone up!

Great news for a problem area!

Taekwondo training also increases flexibility. Through taekwondo stretching.

Many women are more flexible than men. Which gives them a big advantage in taekwondo. And through training their flexibility gets better and better.

Keeping the body supple.

And helping to slow the ageing process a little!

Training in tkd also involves a fair amount of leaping and jumping. Which is good for strengthening our bones.

For women this is especially important. Because osteoporosis or weakening of our bones is common as we get older.

And I've found with all this exercise. And increased lean muscle.

It's easier to maintain a healthy weight!

Another great benefit of taekwondo for women!

And kicking and punching a bag or target. Is a huge stress relief.

I find that after a tiring day. A taekwondo training session is perfect for letting go of the tension.

And leaving me calm and peaceful.

Which generally leads to a good nights sleep!

Self Defense

Of course a huge benefit of taekwondo for women is learning taekwondo self defense. Learning taekwondo kicks and punches. How to move and block.

And how to get away if you are grabbed.

It feels great to know that you can defend yourself. And it's very freeing to feel safe when I walk out at night.

An important part of taekwondo self defense training. Is full contact taekwondo sparring.

Where you actually use your kicks and punches on a real live opponent. An opponent who is also trying to kick and punch you!

Of course the situation is controlled. And you both wear protective gear. But it's still a very intimidating situation. Especially at first.

And it's a situation which is very alien to most women. Men usually go through rough and tumble as young boys playing in the back yard. But young girls do this less.

And the point of going through this confrontational situation?

Is that women in taekwondo can test their taekwondo self defense skills. And develop the mental strength to think under the pressure of the physical confrontation.

And feel confident that should they be unlucky enough to be attacked. They won't freeze up.

Mental Strength and Self Esteem

And what taekwondo women find is.

As they battle through tough training sessions.

And push themselves to keep going. Even when they think they can't give any any more.

And when they face up to their fears.

Is that as well as getting physically stronger.

They also get mentally stronger.

Which helps when life gets tough.

And this mental and physical strength is great for building self confidence.

And boosting self esteem.

Taekwondo helps women to feel better about themselves.

And to like themselves more.

Then they feel more positive.

And give off that positive energy to those around them.

Which is why taekwondo for women.

Is good for everyone!

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