Taekwondo fitness feels... Fantastic!

In this page we share what our taekwondo fitness

means to us.

As a family.

And as 3 individuals.

Every single day of our lives.

Physical Fitness

taekwondo fitness,taekwondo

How good does it feel?

To look up at a big hill

From the very bottom. And think.... That's fine. I can climb that.

No problem!

And then to climb it.

Without a huge struggle.

Without any pain.

And to get to the top.

And recover quickly.

And to grin from ear to ear....

....As you enjoy the fabulous view.

How good does it feel?

To be over 40.

And to play football in the sun with your daughter.

For an hour.

Without stopping.

And how good does it feel?

To be walking on the beach.

And then find that you want to run.

And run.

And run.

In your bare feet. Along the sand. Splashing in the water's edge.

Just for the fun of it!

Just because

You can!

We'll tell you how it feels....

...It feels FANTASTIC!

We didn't used to exercise much.

We didn't used to feel like this.

Believe us we didn't used to be fit!

We used to struggle up hills. And we never went running on the beach just for the fun of it!

But thanks to our taekwondo fitness....

....We do now!

Aerobic and Anaerobic Fitness

The physical fitness we get from training in taekwondo isn't like the fitness you get from just going running say.

It's an all round body fitness.

One part is aerobic exercise.

This is where the exercise makes you out of breath at a medium level. And you can keep going. At one pace. For 10 or 15 minutes or more.

In taekwondo training we get aerobic exercise while we work on our patterns or basics. And during our warm up.

And we find that it's not boring. Like running on a treadmill is boring. (To us anyway!)


Because Taekwondo is a constant mental challenge. Like a brain test.

So while you are training in taekwondo. You have to concentrate. 100%. On what you are doing.

You really have to focus.

So you don't realise that you're out of breath. And getting fitter.

And it's fun!

And because it's a fun challenge we keep turning up for training.

So our physical fitness gets better and better.

Taekwondo fitness training also includes anaerobic exercise.

This is high intensity exercise.

Like sprinting, leaping and kicking combinations.

You are really out of puff!

And at first you can only keep going for a short time. Maybe 30 seconds.

And then with training.

As your taekwondo fitness improves.

You can do longer and longer bursts.

Anaerobic exercise gives you a strong body. It builds lean muscle. And this muscle protects and supports you.

Also more muscle means less fat.

So we find it easier to control our weight.


....we can sprint for a bus if we need to!

All good!

Here's our taekwondo fitness training program. It's tough so you'll need to be up for a challenge!

Being Flexible

taekwondo fitness, taekwondo stretching

Taekwondo Fitness also involves getting flexible....

....By Stretching!

Stretching is part of every taekwondo training session.


Well lets talk about the benefits of being flexible.

For a start if you don't stretch. And your muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints are not flexible.

And you do play football with you daughter. Or run on the beach.

And you slip and fall.

You might easily tear something.

But if you are flexible. And your body is used to stretching.

Your joints and muscles are more likely to cope.

And there's a better chance

That you'll be OK.


....as we get older it's a fact of life. That our muscles and joints get less flexible.

Just as a normal part of the aging process.

So things like putting on your socks. Or getting something out from under the bed.

Get harder.

And harder.

Regular taekwondo stretching helps slow down this process.

It keeps joints and muscles flexible.

Making life better for longer.

You only have to look at the Grand Masters in taekwondo.

For living proof of that.

And if you keep stretching- the axe kicks get better!

Of course taekwondo stretching techniques are not easy.

Not many worthwile things are.

But if you stick with it and keep working on your flexibility.

You can achieve amazing results!

Taekwondo training improves your mental fitness

And finally the last piece of the taekwondo fitness jigsaw.

Mental fitness.

To put it simply....

....training in taekwondo makes your mind stronger.

When you push through the mental challenges of taekwondo.

You get stronger.

When you learn complicated taekwondo patterns.

You keep your memory sharp.

When you try new things.

And fail.

Then try again.

And fail again.

Then try again.

And finally get it.

You learn to persevere.


When you face up to your fears....

....You gain courage.

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