what taekwondo community means to us

In this page we describe what taekwondo community means to us.

And we explain how being part of a tkd community helped us to settle successfully in a new country.

So what is a taekwondo community?

Well to us first and foremost it's simply this.

Friends in our club.

Ordinary people. From all walks of life.

And Secondly.

It's the wider martial arts community.

We find the WFT, Taekwondo Australia, and British Taekwondo sites helpful and informative.

And we meet other martial artists at seminars, competitions and gradings.

Our experience?

Is that taekwondo is full of really lovely people.

People with a common interest.

People passionate about good health and family fitness. People who try to live a healthy lifestyle.

Positive people who are good to be around!

The close tkd community of our club is very important to us.

If you train

And struggle

And sweat.

With the same people week in week out.

You get to know them really well.

You hold pads for each other. So you can take turns to kick and punch.

You practise your taekwondo sparring and self defense on each other.

You help each other with learning patterns.

You go through gradings together.

And as you work together. And train together. And sweat together.

You learn to give and receive help.

You gain respect for each other.

And you become friends.

And so....

When you have a tough training session.

Where nothing seems to go right.

Or you lose that bout in a competition.

Or you get injured.

Or you just don't think you'll ever master that hook kick.

Your team mates are there. To encourage you.

And to keep you kicking.

So that you keep benefiting

From your taekwondo.

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When we migrated to Australia things here on the bottom of the globe were a bit upside down at first!

Everything was new.

We needed a place to live. A new school for Leah. New friends. New jobs.

A new beginning.

Taekwondo was an important constant in all of our lives.

As soon as we joined Spirit Taekwondo. We were part of a tkd community again.

We were welcomed with open arms by everyone at the club.

And as soon as we got back to training. With like minded people. Enjoying our family fitness lifestyle. In a taekwondo community.

We started to belong.

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