Taekwondo Board Breaking - Will you rise to the Challenge?

Taekwondo board breaking (gyu-pky) is just another test on your martial arts journey.

It's a test of you.

And a test of your kicking and striking techniques.

Do you feel scared when you face the board?

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Most people feel some fear when they face a taekwondo break test.

Even seasoned martial artists need to work on their mental strength to break through the barrier cleanly.

When you feel your heart racing and your palms getting clammy the trick to to center yourself.

Take some deep slow breaths. And take your time.

Stand and face the board and look at it as a hudle.

Now imagine your perfect kick or strike powering through the board.

And see the wood lying in pieces on the dojang floor.

taekwondo board breaking,taekwondo break test,taekwondo

Now gather up your energy into your chumbi or ready stance.

Breathe deeply.

Key-hup with passion and belief. This board is going to break.

Now do your kick or strike with 100% commitment!

Aim right through the center of the board ending at least a foot behind it.

And smile when you see the board in pieces on on the floor.

taekwondo board breaking,taekwondo break test,taekwondo

In taekwondo board breaking the worst thing you can do is worry about pain.

If you worry that breaking a board is going to hurt then you will probably pull your technique back at the last minute.

This is a big mistake!

If you don't finsh your technique the board will not break. And even worse that that... painful shock waves will resonate up your arm or leg.

Do this a couple of times and the pain turns to fear and the chances of a successful break get smaller and smaller.

If you clear the worry of pain from your mind and go right through the board fist time, the elation of the break will overcome any pain you might feel.

Practice is another great way to overcome your fear. We find rebreakable boards are a great option for home use.

Here's the best ones we've found.

taekwondo board breaking,taekwondo break test,taekwondo

When you see breaking at top level you find one underlying quality...

...good technique.

With thinner boards you can power through using strength.

But as the boards gets thicker strength alone doesn't work.

So if you are giving your all and still having trouble with your taekwondo board breaking...

... go back to basics.

Study your basic technique. Is your knee chamber high enough? Are you striking with the correct part of your foot? Are you turning your hips and your bottom foot?

And finally are you trusting your basic technique, relaxing and letting go?

Keep working and maybe one day you'll be as good as Carl here!

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