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Alive and kicking at 66.

I began studying Taekwondo in 1972 with Grandmaster Bobby Kim, who in 1974 began a new career and went on to star in more than a dozen martial-arts films.

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Master An's Taekwondo and Martial Arts Center. Vista, CA

White Belt Yellow Belt Purple Belt Orange Belt Green Belt Green Belt with stripe Blue Belt Blue Belt with stripe Brown Belt Brown Belt with stripe Red

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This is the system we use in American

-White Belt -Gold Belt (usually yellow or yellow-orange) -Green Belt -Blue Belt -Purple Belt -Brown Belt -Red Belt -Black Belt

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Pacific International Tae Kwon Do

10th Kup - White Belt 9th Kup - Yellow Tip (on white belt) 8th Kup - Yellow Belt 7th Kup - Green Tip (on yellow belt) 6th Kup - Green Belt 5th Kup - Blue

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Leadership MA - TAGB (in 2009) under Master Danby

White belt - 10th Kup Purple belt - 9th Kup (Chon Ji pattern) Orange belt - 8th Kup (Dan-Gun) Yellow belt - 7th Kup (Do-San) Green belt - 6th Kup (Won-Hyo

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Master Ko's World Martial Arts, Yorktown VA

My grand-children Ryan, 9 and Jordan, 7 started in Feb. this year and love TKD. The belt system at their club includes Orange, Blue and Red, like Master

Continue reading "Master Ko's World Martial Arts, Yorktown VA"

Louisiana Sport Taekwondo

We follow the belt system as described in this article. I've attached a graphic I made of the belts as the progress to black. Feel free to use the

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3 Months Before Competition

Hi guys!:), 1st step We do this for about 2-3 months 6-7 times a week I wake up around 5 am every day, so this workout 5-7 am b/c i have skool at 8 am

Continue reading "3 Months Before Competition "

Fear for the beginner and the intimidating air of black belts

As a yellow belt student, I know how intimidating it is to try and speak with anyone in your dojang much less a black belt. Those who have more an air

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It gave me a sense of completion and pride, and also showed me that there are many things in life that are hard, but persevering throughout will always

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My name is Alex, from St Vincent and the Grenadines. I have trained for 4 years in Taekwondo, 3 years consistently and then the 9 month waiting period

Continue reading "WHAT MAKES A GOOD BLACK BELT? hmmmmm???????"


I am Sajid Mehmood , Black Belt 2nd Dan WTF I.O.C Qualified Coach, 3 Time National Champion, 10 time State Champion,now 5 time best Technical Official

Continue reading "China"

Maple Ridge Realtor

I think that in addition to all the aforementioned qualities regarding Taekwondo Black Belts it is important to note that Tae Kwondo Black Belts are Champions

Continue reading "Maple Ridge Realtor"

Northwest Alaska Regional Training Center located in Nome, Alaska, U.S.A.

Hello, My name is Timothy,(Tim), Stettinger, I am 52 years old. I have lived in Nome, Alaska since 1982. I remember when Master Dan came to town. When

Continue reading "Northwest Alaska Regional Training Center located in Nome, Alaska, U.S.A."

KC Chung Tae Kwon Do

Our school has been serving Martin County Florida and the community for 25 years. It is a family oriented school that has both children and adult practitioners.

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Humanitarian School of Martial Arts

The Humanitarian School of Martial Arts is an at risk youth program in Enid Oklahoma that teaches the art of Tae Kwon Do to all ages. I'm 37 years old

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