Taekwondo blocks - perfect your blocking technique here!

This page explains your basic taekwondo blocks.

We show you how to execute your blocks so you can get your technique right from day 1.

And we explain how you can use your taekwondo blocking techniques.

Here's a quick video demonstrating most of the your basic blocks.

If you want more detailed information on each block see below.

Low Block

taekwondo blocks low block chamber,taekwondo moves,tkd,taekwondo

First your taekwondo low block.

It might work well against a turning kick aimed at your lower abdomen - like in wtf taekwondo sparring.

As with all blocks the chamber is very important.

In the photo Deb's top arm is up by her shoulder. This is the blocking arm.

She is twisting her wrist inwards as much as she can.

The underneath arm is the chamber arm. Notice that her thumb is facing downwards.

taekwondo blocks low,taekwondo moves,tkd,taekwondo
taekwondo blocks low,taekwondo moves,tkd,taekwondo

As you execute the block.

The blocking arm comes downwards. To protect your lower abdomen and upper leg.

It's very important that the twist in the hand and forearm comes right at the end of the block. This makes the block stronger and more effective.

At the same time as the blocking arm comes down. The chambering arm comes back to the waist. With elbow as far back as you can manage.

Again there is a twist at the end. Which gives more power.

At first it can be hard to do both arms at once. You can practise each arm on it's own.

And then do them together once you are happy.

Middle Block

taekwondo blocks middle,taekwondo moves,tkd,taekwondo
taekwondo blocks middle,taekwondo moves,tkd,taekwondo

Next your taekwondo middle block.

It could be used to deflect a punch sideways, protecting your chest.

Notice that the blocking arm comes back with the arm bent and the hand twisted outwards.

The chambering arm is protecting the chest. The thumb is pointed downwards.

Again both arms move at the same time.

And the block finishes past the midline - past the point of impact.

As always there is a twist on the end. Which would cut into the attackers arm. Deflect the force. And strengthen the block.

High Block

taekwondo blocks high,taekwondo moves,tkd,taekwondo

High taekwondo blocks are designed to protect your head.

If you look at the photos. You'll see that the Deb's bottom arm is the blocking arm.

This blocking arm comes up outside the chambering arm.

Again there is a twist on the end of the block to cut in and deflect the strike.

And a twist on the chambering arm to create more power.

taekwondo blocks high,taekwondo moves,tkd,taekwondo
taekwondo blocks high,taekwondo moves,tkd,taekwondo

Outer Forearm Block or Outer Middle Block

taekwondo blocks outer forarm,taekwondo moves,tkd,taekwondo
taekwondo blocks outer forarm,taekwondo moves,tkd,taekwondo

Outer forearm taekwondo blocks use the forearm to defect an attack outwards and away from the chest.

The blocking arm is underneath. With the wrist twisted inwards as much as possible on the chamber.

As the block comes out and protects the ribs. There is a twist at the end generating lots of power.

Single Knife-Hand Block

taekwondo blocks knife-hand,taekwondo moves,tkd,taekwondo
taekwondo blocks knife-hand,taekwondo moves,tkd,taekwondo

The last of our taekwondo blocks is a basic single knife-hand block.

This would be good for deflecting a blow aimed at the body. And because the hand is open. A grab is the obvious next step.

Notice that the block comes from underneath. And the chamber starts with the wrist twisted inwards.

To execute the technique the blocking hand comes outside the chambering arm. With a twist on the end.

We think it's a pretty cool-looking technique if you can get it right!

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