Taekwondo Belts at APAM

by Tiago Costa
(Portugal - Porto)

The taekwondo belts at APAM (Academia Portucalense de Artes Marciais) which means Portucalense (Portuguese) Association of Martial Arts are

White Belt
Yellow Belt
Orange Belt
Green Belt
Blue Belt
Red Belt
Brown belt
Brown belt with a black tag
Brown belt with two black tags
Black belt (or black belt with a red stripe if the student is younger than 16 years old)

The belt that had the greatest impact on me was my orange belt. I won my first tournament with it and I still have a picture of me at 11 years old and with my team on that tournament. I'm very proud of it, I had such a great time.

I find it extremely interesting that there are different systems and that many use belts with stripes.

Maybe this one is simplistic, I don't know but these little things are quite remarkable. I'm starting training again (after many years of absence at a different academy so I need to check if its system is still the same).

I hope I can bring back that feeling of "fun"
of the lower grades, and apply it to my current grade (brown belt).

Happy kicks everyone!

Deb's response

Hi Tiago

Thanks for telling us about the taekwondo belt system at your school in Portugal.

I think it's important to reflect during our travels through martial arts. There are lots of times when the journey gets tough and stopping to look back and realize how far you have come can often inspire you to keep going.

Looking at old photos or an old belt, as you describe in your post, can be a great way of doing this.

We'd love to see the photo if you get a chance to scan it in. And thanks again for telling us about your belt system.

Good travels

Deb :-)

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Mar 24, 2010
thanks Neil
by: Tiago

Hey Neil, thanks for posting. This is great, I mean, we get to exchange ideas and learn more about Taekwondo in different countries. On every corner of this path I amaze myself.

Happy kicks (and occasional punches!)

Mar 24, 2010
Thanks Tiago
by: Neil

Hi Tiago

Thanks for telling us about your belt system. It's interesting how much systems vary throughout the world. Good luck with your training

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