Taekwondo Belts and Taekwondo Belt Display Racks.

Choosing the right taekwondo belts is important.

To take lots of punishment belts need to be good quality.

And of course they need to hold the knot well. There's nothing more annoying than a belt that keeps coming undone!

You also want value for money. That way belts can be cheaply replaced if they go missing.

These 100% cotton belts from Tiger Claw are a great deal. They are strong but soft enough to tie even when they are new.

The ends are folded and stitched (not just heat cut).

The colors are lovely and vibrant. The belts are 1 3/4" (4.5cm) wide.

And to help you find the right size belt...

Size 0 is 82" (208cm) long.

Size 1 is 91" (231cm) long.

Size 2 is 95" (241cm) long.

Size 3 is 102" (259cm) long.

Size 4 is 108" (274cm) long.

Size 5 is 111" (282cm) long.

Size 6 is 119" (302cm) long.

Size 7 is 127" (323cm) long.

Your belt should go twice round your waist. And once tied the free ends should be around 12 inches (30cm) long for an adult.

A great value belt - we are hoping that Tiger Claw will make a striped version next.

And if you are looking for an embroidered belt to celebrate your achievements... here's a great option.

Belts are custom made to order so expect to wait 1-2 weeks.

Striped belts and half/half belts are also available.

The cost includes one line of embroidery on each end.

You can choose to have your name in English, Korean, Chinese or Japanese.

Custom logos can also be added.

And to showcase your belts...

This belt display rack comes with a picture or certificate holder.

It takes up to 10 belts - enough to take you to black belt.

A great way to keep your kids belts tidy!

You will need to assemble this one.

And for those who make it to second or third Dan...

This belt rack holds up to 14 belts.

This rack looks the part. It's made from high quality wood and is made in the USA.

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