Taekwondo Belt Colors - which system does your club use?

On this page we describe some common taekwondo belt colors you might wear on your journey to your taekwondo black belt.

And you can tell us the belt system used in your club.

There are usually 10 colored belts or Kup grades for you to work through before you get your black belt.
As a taekwondo white belt student you are a 10th Kup (sometimes Gup).
When you get your next belt you are a 9th Kup.
And the last taekwondo colored belt before black belt is 1st Kup.

Our main taekwondo belts pages contain heaps of information to help you understand what each grade means and what is expected of you at that level.

Here's some common taekwondo belt systems

What's your club's tkd belt system?

Are your taekwondo belt colors different from the one's listed here?

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Tell us about your belt system here.

This is the belt system we used in the UK

  • White Belt
  • White Belt with Yellow stripe or tag
  • Yellow Belt
  • Yellow Belt with Green stripe or tag
  • Green Belt
  • Green Belt with blue stripe or tag
  • Blue Belt
  • Blue Belt with Red stripe or tag
  • Red Belt
  • Red Belt with Black stripe or tag
  • Black Belt

Are you proud of your taekwondo belts?

Did you know you can display your belts on the wall?

This wooden belt rack has oriental styling - perfect for Eastern martial arts like taekwondo!

This is the system we use now in Australia

  • White Belt
  • Yellow Belt
  • Yellow Belt with Orange Tag
  • Orange Belt
  • Orange Belt with Green Tag
  • Green Belt
  • Green Belt with Blue Tag
  • Blue Belt
  • Blue Belt with Red Tag
  • Red Belt
  • Black Belt

Sewing the tag on your new belt.

Some tkd belts come with a stripe already attached all the way round.
Other times your instructor might give you a tag to attach to your existing belt.
Sew the tag onto your belt about 10cm from one end.
Make sure the ends of the tag are on the back of the belt where the label is.
Use small stitches and make sure the cotton matches the colour of the tag.
Sew neatly and take your time!

This is another common taekwondo belt system

  • White Belt
  • Yellow Belt with one white tag
  • Yellow Belt with two white tags
  • Yellow Belt with three white tags
  • Blue Belt with one white tag
  • Blue Belt with two white tags
  • Blue Belt with three white tags
  • Red Belt with one white tag
  • Red Belt with two white tags
  • Red Belt with three white tags
  • Black Belt

What taekwondo belt system does your club use?

Tell us what taekwondo belt system your club uses.

What belt are you at now?
What have you enjoyed most about your martial arts journey so far?
What's been the hardest part?

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If can include a picture of you wearing your latest belt that would be fantastic[ ? ]


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Other visitors taekwondo belt systems

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Kim School of TKD (Moo Duk Kwon) 
Grand Master Ju Hun Kim and Head Master Jenny Brommer 10th=White 9th=Yellow 8th=Yellow 1 tag 7th=Yellow 2 tags 6th=Green 5th=Green 1 tag 4th=Green …

Grandmaster Dong's Advance World Martial Arts 
White (9th gup) Yellow (8th gup) Orange (7th gup) Green (6th gup) Purple (5th gup) Blue (4th gup) Brown (3rd gup) Red (2nd gup) Red/black …

Master Jeon's Chun Ma TKD 
Beginner 1. White 2. Yellow 3. Orange Intermediate 4. Green 5. Blue 6. Purple Advanced 7. Brown 8. Red 9. Red and Black Stripes …

American Taekwondo Association 
White belt Orange belt Yellow belt Camo belt recommended Camo belt decided Green belt recommended Green belt decided Purple belt recommended Purple …

Philippine Taekwondo Association 
Here's the tkd belt system for the Philippine Taekwondo Association: White belt Yellow belt (low) Yellow belt (high) Blue belt (low) Blue belt (high) …

Brandt's TaeKwonDo Association 
Hello from northern MN! At my TaeKwonDo Dojang we use 2 different belt rankings. One for Juniors (less than 12yrs usually) and one for ages 12 and …

Ivory Team Taekwondo club (WTF Taekwondo belt system in Nigeria) 
White belt White belt With Yellow tag Yellow belt Yellow belt with Blue tag Blue belt Blue belt with Brown tag Brown belt Brown belt with Red tag …

Red Dragon Taekwondo 
Hello there! My belt system is pretty simple. We have White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Red with black tag and Black belt. Then the Dans. We grade 3 times …

Kim's Taekwondo McMinnville, Oregon 
I am currently a white belt. I just started taking lessons a little over a month ago. I have really been enjoying the physical and mental aspects of Taekwondo, …

Combat Taekwondo Association of Macao 
At Combat Taekwondo Association of Macao we use a system that goes like this: White Belt White Yellow Belt Yellow Belt Yellow Green Belt …

KOR-AM Tae Kwon Do (WTF) 
Here's the belt system for KOR-AM tae kwon do: -no belt (5 lessons) -white belt -yellow belt -orange belt -green belt -blue belt -blue/1 stripe …

Taekwondo Belts at APAM 
The taekwondo belts at APAM (Academia Portucalense de Artes Marciais) which means Portucalense (Portuguese) Association of Martial Arts are White Belt …

Belt Colors at Iron Horse Tae Kwon Do 
White Orange Yellow Purple Green Blue Brown Red Red Black White Black Black (10 degrees of black) Deb's Response Well done Garrett …

Belt System at East Coast Martial Arts 
Here's the belt system at East coast Martial Arts no belt White Yellow Orange Orange Senior (orange with black stripe) Green Blue Purple Purple …

action martial arts academy  
First it starts out at white belt each test is easy for the white belt buts get harder as you go in belts. Next is the yellow belt only yellow no stripes. …

White belt Yellow belt (8th and 7th degree) Blue belt (6th and 5th degree) Red belt (4th and 3rd degree) Brown belt (2nd degree) Black belt …

Belt System at Trinity Taekwondo (Chung Do Kwan) 
These are our taekwondo belt colors white yellow yellow with orange stripe orange green purple blue red brown brown with black stripe black …

Bellinge Taekwondo in Denmark 
Belt system at Bellinge Taekwondo in Denmark White White with one yellow tag Yellow Orange Green Blue Blue with one red tag Blue with two red …

Bally Total Martial Arts (TMA) 
Bally Total Fitness Health Club in the USA has a division called Bally Total Martial Arts (TMA). They use the WTF philosophy. I am currently a Hi-Brown …

Leadership MA - TAGB (in 2009) under Master Danby 
White belt - 10th Kup Purple belt - 9th Kup (Chon Ji pattern) Orange belt - 8th Kup (Dan-Gun) Yellow belt - 7th Kup (Do-San) Green belt - 6th …

Master An's Taekwondo and Martial Arts Center. Vista, CA Not rated yet
White Belt Yellow Belt Purple Belt Orange Belt Green Belt Green Belt with stripe Blue Belt Blue Belt with stripe Brown Belt Brown Belt with stripe …

This is the system we use in American Not rated yet
-White Belt -Gold Belt (usually yellow or yellow-orange) -Green Belt -Blue Belt -Purple Belt -Brown Belt -Red Belt -Black Belt

Pacific International Tae Kwon Do Not rated yet
10th Kup - White Belt 9th Kup - Yellow Tip (on white belt) 8th Kup - Yellow Belt 7th Kup - Green Tip (on yellow belt) 6th Kup - Green Belt 5th Kup …

Master Ko's World Martial Arts, Yorktown VA Not rated yet
My grand-children Ryan, 9 and Jordan, 7 started in Feb. this year and love TKD. The belt system at their club includes Orange, Blue and Red, like Master …

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Louisiana Sport Taekwondo Not rated yet
We follow the belt system as described in this article. I've attached a graphic I made of the belts as the progress to black. Feel free to use …

Chung's Martial Arts Not rated yet
White Belt Yellow Belt Orange Belt Green Belt Purple Belt Blue Belt Red Belt Brown Belt Red & Black Belt Black with White center stripe Belt …

ottawa martial arts acadmey Not rated yet

Taekwondo in Indonesia Not rated yet
Kup 10: White Kup 9: Yellow Kup 8: Yellow with Green stripe Kup 7: Green Kup 6: Green with Blue stripe Kup 5: Blue Kup 4: Blue with Red stripe Kup …

Just For Kicks TaeKwonDo Not rated yet
This was the belt system when I received my Black Belt 12 years ago. 10th Gup: White Belt 9th Gup: Yellow Belt with 1 White Tip 8th Gup: Yellow Belt …

Chung's Martial Arts College - Hoover, Alabama Not rated yet
Our school's belt ranking is as follows: White White/Yellow Stripe Yellow Yellow/Orange Stripe Orange Orange/Purple Stripe Purple Purple/Green …

Marefath High School Taeckwando ITF Not rated yet
For the first two months I practiced without a belt then I got white belt. After some months I got yellow belt, then green belt, then blue belt. After …

Murphy Karate for Kids Not rated yet
Our belt system goes white, orange, yellow, camo, green, purple, blue, brown rec, brown dec, red rec, red dec, black rec, 1 degree, 2 degree rec, 2 degree …

Kids Kicking for Christ Not rated yet
This system is kinda weird, but... For each of the belts (except white belt,) all the belts have three black stripes: the first denotes the one steps …

Aung San Kwin Taekwondo Association Not rated yet
Hi there. My friend told me about this website a few days ago and I am totally in love with it. This website had helped me a lot. Well anyway here is our …

Aung San Kwin Taekwondo Association Not rated yet
Hi. My clubs's belt system is really simple. They are: -white belt -yellow belt -green belt -blue belt -brown belt -red belt -red/black belt and …

Austrian Taekwondo Federation Not rated yet
In Austria normally we use the following belt system: white 10. Kup = yellow 9. Kup = yellow 8. Kup = green 7. Kup = green 6. Kup = blue 5. Kup …

Ooi Taekwondo Not rated yet
White Belt(10th gup) White Belt with Yellow stripe or tag(9th gup) Yellow Belt(8th gup) Yellow Belt with Green stripe or tag (7th …

ASA, Peongteak, South Korea Not rated yet
White: Lost Yellow: Basic Stances, Punches, Kicks Il-Jang Blue: Intermediate Kicks/Punches/Blocks, Half leg split (-4 in off ground), EE-Jang, Sam-Jang …

Chung's martial arts college Not rated yet
Where I take Taekwondo the belt system is White,High White Yellow,High Yellow Orange,High Orange Green,High Green Purple,High Purple Blue,High …

World Champion Taekwondo Not rated yet
I'm currently a purple belt. I started in August of 2010, and I love it! I'm a college student, and learning martial arts keeps my stress low …

Shin's Tae Kwon Do Institute Not rated yet
Here is the taekwondo belt system for Shin's Tae Kwon Do Institute White Yellow Yellow with 3 Black Stripes Green Green with 3 Black Stripes Blue …

Taekwondo Plus Not rated yet
WTF taekwondo. As far as I know this is the way our grand master, our teachers teacher did and does it White Belt Yellow Belt with one white …

Jason Yi's Tae Kwon Do College Not rated yet
Our belts run as follows: * White Belt (not awarded with dobok, but instead requires a simple demonstration of TKD knowledge -- typically achieved within …

North Hollywood Taekwondo Not rated yet
North Hollywood Taekwondo uses a simplified belt system with only 5 Keup colors before Dan level: White (9th Keup) Yellow (7th Keup) Green (5th Keup) …

Se-Jong Tae Kwon Do Not rated yet
Every new student must test for their taekwondo white belt. It takes six months before a student may test for the next belt level so the belt system …

East Coast Taekwondo - Australia Not rated yet
* White Belt * Yellow Belt * Yellow Belt with blue tag * Blue Belt * Blue Belt with red tag * Blue Belt with 2 red tags …

Mu Han Martial Arts, Eastern Massachusetts Not rated yet
No belt testing for each of the following levels: white yellow orange green green w/black stripe purple purple w/black stripe blue blue w/black …

Jung Do Tae Kwon Do Not rated yet
I would first like to say there are so many different belts systems it sometimes get all to confusing. However here is the belt system we use at our school. …

United Fighting Arts Institute Not rated yet
Greetings, I have been reading about the different belt systems around the world here and wanted to share ours. White White W/ Yellow Stripe Yellow …

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american taekwondo academy auman Not rated yet
10th gup white belt 9th gup yellow stripe 8th gup yellow belt 7th gup green stripe 6th gup green belt 5th gup blue stripe 4th gup blue belt 3rd …

Cho's Tae Kwon Do Jersey Not rated yet
White Yellow Orange Green Blue Purple Red Red Belt with brown stripe Brown Belt Brown Belt with red stripe Black Belt (1st - 10th Dan)

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