Taekwondo "A new beginning" pt3 and a bit

by Lee Thurston
(Morecambe , England)

Lee in his yellow belt

Lee in his yellow belt

In my last installment I covered the lead up to grading and the grading itself and the highs and lows and eventual high at the end.

Not to mention my constant moans about one injury or the other. Well I am going to mention injuries a little as they are an inevitable part of the journey for someone my age involved in such a physical pastime as taekwondo.

As I said previously I once again picked up an injury which I thought could potentially stop me training for 6 to 8 weeks if not more. But I went back to very gentle light exercise and stretching at home for a week or so. I was still limping quite badly but I can be very stubborn and when my next class was due I endeavored to go and at least practice my new patterns.

Our master was surprised to see me there as were my fellow students, and I was instructed to do as little as possible so as not to aggravate my injury. I went through a very gentle warm up before going onto some stretching.

I cant say enough about stretching, so far every time I have injured myself the stretching I have been taught to do has not actually made my injuries worse but have actually improved my recovery. After I had finished in class last night my range of movement had increased and I was limping noticeably less and in much less pain .

So for those reading this who already stretch as a matter of course keep it up! And for those not involved in tkd or any martial art, get stretching it is wondrous.

Happy kicking all.


Deb's Reply

Hi Lee

I couldn't agree more. I find stretching difficult but essential and I get far fewer injuries now that I'm more flexible.

Thanks for the photo and keep up your good work


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Apr 30, 2010
Injuries are Tough
by: Anonymous

Hi Lee,

I'm an older beginning student of taekwondo and find injuries a bane as I just do not heal as quickly as I used to. I remember being side-lined by a nasty foot injury my 3rd month of training. Instead of stopping, I took myself to the local pool for the next 3-4 weeks and trained by: running in the deep end of the pool for 15-25 minutes wearing a float; practicing my front, roundhouse, and side kicks in the shallow end, and practicing punches in the shallow end. The water offered resistance to my kicks and punches which was wonderful, even though my speed was majorly reduced. The buoyancy of the water kept the weight off my injured foot, so there was no re-injury. I also adding swimming to my workout because I found it greatly improves my flexibility.

To those injured, I highly recommend a pool workout. You don't have to know how to swim!

Apr 21, 2010
Well done
by: Tiago

Hi Lee, first of all coungrats on your crescent recovery. I just one question though, when you stretch at home, do you warm up first? I'm asking this to you and to whomever reads this, because I used to be able to do full splits but after such a long time It's gone, so I need to work a lot on my stretching and to be able to practice it at home it would be great.

Keep up the good work!

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