Taekwondo "A new beginning" Part 2

by Lee Thurston

Hi again , its Lee from Morecambe with my second installment of my step into taekwondo.

I am now a month into my training and loving every second of it.

As I said in my last post I must be a glutton for punishment as I went back the following week.
This session started well with the usual warming up, though for me this almost ended my 2nd night in the first 20 minutes!

While jumping on the spot I heard and felt a huge snap in my back, which was total agony, so I sat out for a bit.

It eased a little and the stupid , stubborn person that I am , I continued through the pain with the rest of the lesson.

I went to the hospital and had x-rays which were clear so the doctor said it was soft tissue damage , caused by joints and muscles being used for the first time in years. I took painkillers and continued with my training.

Shock horror - 3rd lesson and the master of our dojang took the training of the beginners for the 1st time. I was still in agony so couldn't jump on the spot, but the stretching exercises he had us do, though really painful for me to do , was the best thing that I could have done as after that night the pains in my back eased daily and by the time our next lesson came round I could join in with all the exercises we had to do.

That's enough of my looking for sympathy with my back. Let's get back to my learning taekwondo , apart from going through and improving the 1st 17 moves , which I'm pleased as punch about because everybody says I'm very good at.

We have been learning to do different kicks and blocks i.e. turning kick , side kick etc , I can't remember the rest I'm a newbie.

The training is paying dividends though as I am feeling much fitter and healthier, oh and I forgot to mention I have given up smoking too. I'm into my 4th week, so that is improving my training.

I have been told I'm improving so much that i may actually double grade on the 28/3/10 , so I will update you all then , hopefully with good news.

I will leave it there for now and get back to you next month , unless you all get fed up with my poor writing hehehe.

Bye for now.


Deb's Reply
Hi Lee

Thanks for giving us an update. And well done for getting over your first big hurdle. Injury is always tough and very common at the beginning of your journey as your body adjusts to the training. I'm really glad you didn't let it stop you moving forwards in your taekwondo. Good luck with your belt test!


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Mar 10, 2010
Well done Lee
by: Neil

Hi Lee

Well done on battling through your injury - I know how hard it is to do that. Good luck in your grading Neil

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