Taekwondo - A needed element in my life

by Nathan Corliss
(St. Louis, Missouri)

Taekwondo became a much needed element in my life during a difficult period.

I have always been interested in martial arts, yet never attempted to train in one. Mimicking the crane kick from the Karate Kid years ago was the most experience I ever had!

My son is 9 years old and we have tried to expose him to various sports and fitness activities to peak his interest. We learned of a TKD school ran out of the same rec center. So we signed him up to try it out, as the prices are phenomenal compared to other schools. My son loves the class.

About a month after my son started the class, a difficult situation arose at my employer. Without going into the details, the company had been performing illegal activities and had been caught by the FBI.

The company was raided, many jobs are now uncertain with the fate of the business unclear. Worse off, this led to a co-worker I knew well to take his life. So let's just say the situation was stressful. Verbal altercations were growing. I almost found myself in a physical altercation. After the growing stress, I began to suffer anxiety attacks.

Feeling rundown, couldn't sleep, and constantly nervous, I needed an outlet. I decided to sign up for the adult taekwondo class. This become a much needed outlet.

I met a wonderful group of people and instructors who strive to help all students to improve. The training helped me to release any resentment and stress, and gave me the focus to handle confrontations professionally.

I have since left that company, yet the situation is one that still remains a part of my life. However, the tenents of Taekwondo (courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, Indomitable Spirit) became a daily mantra in my professional and personal life.

Best of all, Taekwondo became an activity my son and I share together. After a few months, we both tested for our yellow belts. It was a great experience to sit next to my son as we both recited our history, performed our forms and self defenses together in front of the other students. Here is my son, proudly wearing his new belt and showing off his rank certificate.

Deb's Reply

Hi Nathan

Wow! What a fantastic story! Taekwondo is a great outlet for stress of any kind and your situation has clearly been very stressful.

Thanks for your honesty - you will inspire others to start kicking.

Well done for making yellow belt and for training alongside your son. I know from personal experience that kicking together as a family is an incredibly worthwhile thing to do and strengthens family bonds.

Thanks again Deb :)

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Jun 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hello Im a korean girl and I go to tkd I am a khaki belt and I think that it is great that you and your son are going to tkd together

Feb 19, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thank you all for the kind words of encouragement. We both just tested and earned our high yellow. Learning new forms and techniques is infectious, I want to work on the next ones immediately. In our school, I can't wait till green belt where we begin sparring for tests. So inspiring watching the higher ranks spar.

Nov 30, 2010
Keep on Kicking
by: David Fiscus


Thank you for sharing your story with this community. The stress that life throws at us can be overwhelming sometimes, and nothing releases stress better than physical activity. I have found that kicking targets and heavy bags are a great way to purge the stress from my body. I congratulate you and your son on making the decision to become a member of the Taekwondo brotherhood.

Keep on kicking my friend!!

Nov 28, 2010
by: Tiago Costa

Outstanding Nathan!
That's the kind of you that just keeps you going. Once, my father joined me in my TKD class. Due to his tight-schedule he had to drop out but after so many years it is still a topic I can discuss with him. Good luck to you and your son. As time goes by you'll find that's not the only thing Taekwondo can do for you.

Best wishes

Tiago Costa

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