Tae Kwon Do Activity at Global Jaya International School

by Nefertiti Karismaida
(Jakarta, Indonesia)

Hello, my name is Nefertiti from Jakarta, Indonesia.

I am new to Tae Kwon Do, just joined it on May 15 2011 and still a white belt. I am sixteen years old, on November I am going to have a test to go to yellow belt.

I first found an interest in the martial art because of watching my friend when she was a red belt. Now she is a first dan black belt (kukkiwon) and she asked me to be her "student", therefore beside training at GJIS, I also have a weekly exercise for one hour and a half every Sunday morning near her house.

The place is a grass field, almost like a garden, we called it "Lapangan Alam Asri", located in Pondok Indah.

I usually practices my kicks and punches with seniors, they are Ica, Wyn and Ardy. They are inspirational because of their patience and optimism in handling my problems, such as balance. They accept my weakness and work hard to ensure I can be stronger and more accurate at executing techniques.

Deb's Reply

Hey Nefertiti great to hear from you.

It sounds like you have great teachers which is the key to a successful martial arts journey. Good luck with your teakwondo and send us a photo when you can


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