Tae E Lee Taekwondo

by Sandy Moran-Monnot
(Ottawa Ontario Canada )

I have been training in the Moo Kwang style of Taekwondo for the past 6 years at Tae E Lee Taekwondo in Ottawa Ontario Canada.

Grand Master Tae E Lee 9th Dan is the founder and instutor at out Dojang.

Master Lee came to Canada in 1977 from Korea and has been teaching in Ottawa for 35 years as of this year.

Master Lee is a very inspirational teacher who is always there to guide the students and keep us focused on our goals. We are very lucky to have a 9th Dan to help us in our Taekwondo journey. Our Moto is "You never fail until you stop trying"

When I met Master Lee my life felt like a big broken mess. My work was not going well, my health was not great, I was very stressed and feeling lost and hopeless. Master Lee explained to me how he could help me regain balance in life. Since then I have achieved many life goals, gotten out of debt and even quit smoking !
Today I am happy and relaxed and I cant wait to go to class. There is a sense of calm and happy feelings whenever I enter the Dojang.

I am now training for my Black belt. Once that goal is reached I am going to continue to train, teach and learn as I know there is no end to what can be achieved if we follow the tenants of Taekwondo.

Sandy Moran-Monnot

Dear Sandy,

Your story is so inspiring and heartfelt. Thanks for sharing. You are so blessed to be mentored by a traditional Korean Master Instructor - the Taekwondo philosophies run deep in their blood and I have witnessed first hand lives changing and uplifting by these great teachers. You too will be able to lead by example and be testimony to the positive self development that comes from a committed practice. Congratulations on the positive changes you made and commitment to your art. Best of luck on your 1st Dan grading and keep me posted on your journey!
Jung Shin Tong Il!
Linda Renouf

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