which stretching techniques will work for you?

In this stretching section of our site you'll find great stretching techniques to loosen you up. And if you want to know why you should take the trouble to stretch head here.

Start with your neck. Stand up lovely and straight and relax your shoulders down.

Tip your chin down as far as you can. Then lift you chin up as high as you can. Repeat 10 times.

OK now look over your left shoulder and then your right shoulder. Stretch round as far as you can. Repeat 10 times. Then tip your right ear down towards your right shoulder. Now your left ear towards your left shoulder. Again 10 of these.

How are you finding these stretching techniques? Pretty easy so far?

Now stretch your shoulders

stretching techniques,taekwondo
stretching techniques,taekwondo

Clasp your hands together behind your back. Then keeping your arms straight lift your hands up as high as you can. You should feel a stretch across the front of your shoulders. Hold this for 5 seconds.

Here's some more advanced shoudler stretch techniques

Then let your body drop forwards, and extend the stretch into your lower back and hamstrings. Do 4 or 5 of these and you'll feel really loose.

This is one of our favorite stretching techniques!

More hamstring stretches

Stretching your body sideways

stretching techniques,taekwondo
stretching techniques,taekwondo

Stretching to the side over your head stretches your side (obviously). But also it's great if you suffer from lower back pain.

Again stand up straight. Lift your left arm up next to your left ear. Stretch up high then continue to stretch your arm up as you stretch over to your right side.

It's important not to lean forwards or backwards on this stretch.

You can bring your right arm up to your left hand and pull downwards if you want to increase the stretch.

To further improve your spinal mobility yoga stretching is the way to go.

Hip, knee and ankle rotations

stretching techniques,taekwondo
stretching techniques,taekwondo

Hip rotations are great for loosening your hips and lower back. It helps to think about a square. Try to get your hips to hit all four corners.

We do 10 slow rotations in each direction.

Now bend your knees. Put your hands on your thighs. And rotate your knees round 10 times in both directions.

Next stand on one leg. (Hold a wall if you need to) And rotate your ankle joint round 10 times in each direction. Make sure that you point your toes down when you extend your ankle. And flex your toes up towards you when you flex your ankle.

Joint rotations are important stretching techniques. They help to loosen up your ligaments as well as your muscles.

Head here for a deep, relaxing glute stretch technique.

stretching techniques,taekwondo
stretching techniques,taekwondo

How to increase your hip and groin flexibilty

stretching techniques,taekwondo

Anyone who trains in taekwondo will tell you how important hip and groin stretching techniques are!

The stretches on this page are for beginners. If you want advanced hip stretch techniques head here.

Stand with your legs apart and stretch down towards the ground. Relax as much as you can and feel the stretch in your groin. Hold for 10 seconds.

Now walk your hands round towards your left leg. Relax into the stretch for 10 seconds. And over to your right leg and hold for 10 seconds.

Then go back to the center and stretch downwards again for 10.

Slowly walk your feet in to the center keeping your hands as near to the ground as you can. Hold for 10 seconds.

Then slowly roll your spine up and stand up straight. Feel good?

OK now give your calves a good stretch.

Stand facing a wall. Bend your left leg and have your right leg straight behind you with your right heel on the ground. Now with straight arms push against the wall and you should feel a good stretch in your right calf muscle. Hold for 10 then swap legs.

And finally your quad muscles. Hold the wall if you need to. Hold your right ankle and bend your right foot up towards your butt.

Keep your knees together and tilt the base of your pelvis forwards slightly until you feel a stretch down the front of your thigh. Hold for 10 and swap sides.

And that's it, you're stretched out! Great stretching techniques to keep you feeling good!

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