St. Louis Tae Kwon Do Acadamy

by Nathan Corliss
(St. Louis, Missouri, USA)

My son and I are students at the St. Louis Tae Kwon Do Acadamy, located in St. Louis Misouri.

The school is run by 7th Dan Dr. Gary Jameson and 5th Dan Kurt Valdez. When my son started out, we decided to try a "rec center" martial arts class, thinking it wasn't anything special and if he liked it we could sign him up to a "real" school and contract. Boy was I wrong thinking this class was sub-par.

Both instructors value each child equally and teach them respect, discipline, fitness, and proper technique.

This school is not a belt factory, students are not allowed to test unless the instructors believe a student is ready. The price is the best in the area. The adult class is more intense with a strong focus on self defense and a mix of other martial arts, while keeping to traditional ITF forms, self defenses, and Korean history to move to higher ranks.

What is best about this school is the personal relationships the instructors and others students form with each other. Encourage others to exceed and a friendly push to keep going when you want to give up.

Both Master Valdez and Master Jameson are members of the US Martial Arts Hall of Fame for their work and molding the next generation of martial artists.

If anyone is in the St. Louis area and wants to try the classes, Master Jameson is more then willing to have students come try for free before they sign up.

There are no contracts required at STL taekwondo Acadamy. For these masters, it's about the training and teaching of people, not the income, that is important to them. I look forward to the day I reach black belt and I can help teach the young ones.

Deb's Reply

Hi Nathan

Thanks for letting us know about your Martial Arts School - it sounds like a wonderful place to train with all the right values.

Your story shows it's not about how flash a Dojang is - it's about the people inside.

Thanks again

Deb :-)

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