Spring Jumps For Taekwondo Fitness

by Cecilia Wegner

Spring Jumps are one of the hardest things for me to do. Especially since I did not start my taekwondo journey until I turned 40. A lot of things are hard for me!

Here's the exercise...

Spring up from the crouching position, stretch your arms toward the sky and jump as high as you can, then land on the balls of your feet.

Yes, I look silly doing this, but like I state previously this is a powerful exercise. You don't need to do many (thank goodness!).

However this particular exercise, aside from stretching, is one of the ones that I benefit the most from. These are grueling but I get the most results from these, I feel powerful and strong and I can tell in the following class that I am able to get a little higher!

I have a love hate relationship with many of the training exercises but like tkd there is nothing that is not useful or purposeful. Being older, this is something that I appreciated from the beginning.

Deb's reply:

Thanks Cecilia! This sounds like a great exercise! I'm sure it builds great strength in your thigh, gluteal and calf muscles.

Good for you for starting your taekwondo journey at 40. As you say some aspects are harder when you start older. Luckily life experience can give you the wisdom to appreciate the benefits your training gives you.

I'm doing some fitness training this morning...

...so guess what I'm going to be trying out!

Thanks again for sharing a great exercise.

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Nov 09, 2009
Great exercise
by: Anonymous

This sounds tough but good

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