Why do you need to wear a sports bra for exercise?

The answer is simple...

...you need a supportive sports bra because your breasts contain no muscle.

So when you jump and run your breasts bounce up and down.

This bouncing causes damage.

And over time your bust will start to sag!

How does good support help?

  • Sports bras work by strapping your breasts tightly to your chest. So when you move, your breasts move with you.
  • To work properly your sports bra needs to cover your breasts completely - forget about glamor!
  • If you're not sure on size- don't guess. Get your bra professionally fitted.
  • Choose a bra made from comfortable and absorbent material- ideally cotton.
  • And make sure the underband is firm around your body, so the bra doesn't ride up your back.
  • Then do the 'jump test' to make sure your bra minimises bounce!
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For martial arts you need to make sure your bra is free from underwires. Underwires are potentially dangerous in contact sports.

Also, because you do lots of running and jumping in your training, go for high impact. (Low impact will not give you enough support.)

If you find your dobok is a bit revealing choose a crop-top style bra.

I have always been a fan of the Shock Absorber range. So when then new one came out I bought 3!

It's not glamorous but it stands up to hours of punishment - including hapkido throws and grappling. For me it's worth the hefty price tag.

Just to let you know... in the larger sizes (I come into this bracket!) there are 2 fastening hooks which take a bit of getting used to.

Here's more about taekwondo chest protectors and chest guards to protect you during heavy contact.

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