Our South Korea pictures bring back great memories!

We love looking at our South Korea pictures.

They bring back great memories of a fabulous tour through a wonderful country.

Neil enjoyed developing his photography skills in Korea.

He's happy to provide larger files of any of the photos if you see one you like.

Photos of beautiful Korean people

South Korea Pictures Baby

How gorgeous is this baby?

We think South Korean people are beautiful to look at.

And their beautiful looks are complimented by their beautiful ways.

We found Korean people to be. Kind. Considerate. Gentle. And charming.

They loved having us visit their country.

And we loved being there!

Pictures of Korean hanboks

South Korea Pictures Lady in Hanbok

The hanbok is the traditional Korean dress.

The lady is part of the Kukkiown taekwondo demonstration team.

The boy is in a colourful and lively parade in Insa-dong to mark Buddha's birthday.

And the gentleman is Master Yong-Nam Kim.

Wearing a more simple hanbok.

He is teaching Korean yoga at Yongin University.

South Korea Pictures Boy Hanbok
South Korea Pictures Male Hanbok

WaWoo temple pictures

South Korea Pictures Golden Buddha

These South Korea pictures were taken on a glorious spring day as we strolled round WaWoo temple.

The beauty of the golden Buddha was reflected into the water.

The lanterns provide a bright and colourful border to the walkway.

This female Buddha is thinking about how she can end human suffering.

We think she's been there a while.

South Korea Pictures Lanterns at WaWoo
South Korea Pictures Thinking Buddha

Pictures of taekwondo

South Korea Pictures Taekwondo

Taekwondo is South Korea's national sport.

A fantastic martial art with cool kicks.

Many Koreans learn taekwondo as a routine part of their education.

This photo is of the Kukkiown demonstration team.

They put on a brilliant display for us.

Despite terrible weather conditions.

Here's more of our Korean Taekwondo photos.

Photo of Insadong Buddhist procession

South Korea Pictures Insadong Buddhist Procession

This float was part of a colorful procession through Insadong markets.

Insadong is a fascinating area of Seoul.

There are many wonderful shops selling great traditional Korean goods.

Things like statues, plates and teapots.


And wonderful, colourful wall-hangings.

It's great to wander the streets one evening. And just soak up the atmosphere.

Photo of a beautiful Korean mountain valley

South Korea Pictures Mountain Valley

The natural beauty of Korea was a great unexpected surprise.

We left the hustle and bustle of Seoul for a few days.

And chilled out in the mountains.

The air was fresh and clean.

And the scenery stunning!

We'll be back here again one day soon!

Pushing Korea Back Together

South Korea Pictures Pushing Korea Back Together

A trip to see Korea's DMZ or De-militarised Zone is a fascinating part of any trip to South Korea.

The DMZ lies each side of the border between North and South Korea.

It's a no-go area.

And has become a wildlife haven.

As part of the trip you will see this great art work.

This is one of our favourite South Korea Pictures.

It symbolises the difficult push for unity between North and South Korea.

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