The South Korea flag...striking design...deep meaning

We love the South Korea Flag.

If you travel in South Korea you see the South Korean flag everywhere.

Flying from office blocks. And private houses.

And of course in taekwondo Dojangs!

South Korea Flag, Taekwondo Dojang

South Koreans are quite rightly very proud of their symbolic and colorful national flag.

Here's our guide to what it means.

The Blue and Red Taegeuk

South Korea Flag, Taegeuk

The taegeuk is based on the Yin and Yang symbol.

The idea is that the universe is a perfect balance of many things. Of

Light and dark.

Good and bad.

Heaven and earth.

Male and female.

The balance is fluid. So always changing and moving. So that's why the line between the colours is not straight.

On the Korean flag the red is said to represent the earth. And the blue heaven.

So then they're upside down right?

Well yes from our point of view.

But the idea is to show heaven at the bottom linking with the earth.

And the earth at the top linking with heaven.

So it represents the idea that the whole universe is in harmony.

Pretty neat!

The Kup grade WTF taekwondo patterns are called the taegeuk forms after the shapes on the Korean flag.

The Triagrams

South Korea Flag Triagram geon

The four trigrams of the South Korean flag represent things about the universe.

Things that are essential for life.

The three strong lines or geon.

Represent the sky and Spring.




And Justice.

South Korea Flag Triagram ri

This one the ri.

Means the sun and Autumn.

Courtesy (one of the taekwondo tenants).



And Wisdom.

South Korea Flag Triagram gam

The third one or gam.

Represents the moon and Winter.




And Vitality.

South Korea Flag Triagram gon

And finally gon.

Depicts the earth and summer.




And fertility.

The white background of the South Korea flag represents the purity of the people.

And from what we saw of South Koreans we would say it's very appropriate!

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