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As part of our South Korean taekwondo tour we trained with taekwondo students at Yongin and Chung-Cheong Universities.

So we found our first hand about life at a Korean University.

We also chatted to the principle of Chung-Cheong University about South Korea Education.

South Korea's post war investment in education

South Korea Education Chung Cheong University Grounds

This photograph shows one of the beautiful buildings at Chung Cheong University.

During the second world war South Korea was occupied by Japan.

There was only a short period of respite before the war with North Korea.

South Korea emerged from those years war torn and battered.

But her people were resilient. And determined to re-build their country and culture.

And one of the ways they did this was through investing in education.

South Korea Education Grounds of Chung Cheong University

The results are pretty striking.

There is a massive increase in the number of South Koreans who can read.

From around 22% in 1945.

To 93% by the end of the 1980s.

One huge area where investment in education has paid off. Is technology.

Technology giants Samsung and LG are South Korean companies.

And through the brilliance of DMB (Digital Multi Media Broadcasting) South Koreans can watch live TV in the car!

Or on their mobile phones!

South Korea has beautiful universities

South Korea Education Yoga at Yongin University

The facilities at Chung-Cheong and Yongin Universities are wonderful.

The Korean yoga room pictured here is part of a light, airy modern building. With stunning views out over the Korea countryside.

At Yongin the buildings curve in a raised horseshoe around a central sports pitch. Surrounded by a modern running track and tiered seating.

And for Marital Arts Education. Each discipline like Judo or Taekwondo has it's own dedicated gymnasium.

80% of South Korean Universities are privately funded.

So this means to attend you need to be wealthy. Or you and your family have to make significant sacrifices.

Taekwondo is part South Korea education for many childern

South Korea Education Taekwondo

Taekwondo is South Korea's national sport.

For many children it's a regular part of South Korea education.

As well as the physical side.

The children learn about traditional values like courtesy and respect.

Self-control and discipline.

And the power of perseverance.

And they seem to have fun while they're at it!

Here's more about Korean taekwondo.

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