South Korea Art is quirky and fun!

Our South Korea Art pictures make us smile.

Korean Art is quirky. Fun. And ever present.

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Great South Korean art - sculptures

South Korea Art Female Sculpture

There seem to be street sculptures everywhere you go in South Korea.

These photos show some of the best examples we saw.

The art ranges from the beautiful. Like this gorgeous female sculpture.

To the fun and funky. Like the massive cup pouring curves of stainless steel water.

To the slightly crazy. Like the jeans filled with flowers.

We loved it all.

Because it made us smile!

South Korea Art Cup Pouring
South Korea Art Jeans and Flowers

South Korea Art Thinking Buddha

This gorgeous sculpture is of the thinking Buddha.

It depicts the female form of the Buddha.

She's said to be thinking about trying to put an end to human suffering.

South Korea Art Chung Cheong taekwondo Mascot

Neil is posing with a statue of the taekwondo bears at Chung Cheong university.

The bear is the mascot for the university's taekwondo students.

Jump Martial Arts Performance

South Korea Art Jump Martial Arts Performance

Jump is an incredible show.

It combines incredible Korean martial arts skills.

With great comic timing.

And the result is a highly entertaining visual show.

We all loved it.

Even when Neil got called up to be part of the performance!

Jump goes on tour to other countries.

So we'd say look out for it and go if you get a chance.

The cast were fantastic. And Leah enjoyed having photos taken with them after the show.

South Korea Art Jump Martial Arts Performance

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