"Slap" or "Twist" Kick

by Randall Carson
(Sutter, CA)

I think they are all beautiful in their own right, and it's hard to say which is my favorite...but in the former ten years of taekwondo training, I developed a fondness for the "twist kick" and its "slap kick" variant. It is not usually as powerful as some of the other TKD kicking techniques (but every technique has the potential to land a finishing blow if executed properly.)

I love its speed and deceptiveness. Good kick to throw your opponent off guard, and it scored me quite a few points in competition.

I do not know if this kick is taught in all circles, but you chamber as if you were doing a front snap kick (like many TKD kicks start in.) From there, you whip your back hip around while keeping your planted foot pointed straight forward (to create extension and rotation on your front leg,) all the while turning your kicking knee slightly towards your target and "slapping" your target with the instep of your foot (or the ball of your foot if you're going for more damage and not so much a stun.) It is considered a "slap" kick when it is used with the instep, and a "twist kick" when used with the ball of the foot.

Due to some factors in the "unique" joint alignment in my hips and knees (due to a minor birth defect and injury,) I found this kick particularly useful and easy to execute. I apologize for having no pics, but I'm sure someone out there knows which kick it is I'm talking about.

Deb's reply:

Thanks for submitting this Randall. Our instructor does teach this kick- and I for one find it really hard to do!

As you say it can be very useful in sparring because the change you make part way through is very deceiving for your opponent.

Unfortunately we don't have a picture either?

Can anyone out there help out?

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