Side Kick and Back Kick

by Karl

I like the side and back kick.

I learned both kicks at Sokownin's Tae Kwon Do from Mr. Dennis Sokownin. At the moment I am training there as well.

The side kick I like because it is quick and fast and for the most part you don't open yourself up for a counter attack.

The back kick is sweet because it is powerful, but the downside is that you must turn away from you opponent.

Deb's Reply

Hi Karl

Thanks for getting in touch. I agree these are both great kicks.

As you say you need to be smart with your back kick in sparring so you don't get nailed. However it's devastating when it comes off.

In sparring I mostly see people do a side check. Great players often have brilliant timing and lift their front leg fast when an opponent attacks. By checking quickly with their front leg they stop the attack and break their opponents rhythm.

I took my 1st Kup grading on Monday night and one of my breaks was a side kick. It took me a few tries to get through the board. I was frustrated but I know why I didn't break the first few times...

...basically my technique was at fault. I tried to power the break and I struck the board with the flat of my foot rather than the blade.

As soon as I turned my foot into the correct position and used the blade of my foot I popped the board with ease.

The lesson I learned...?

...always use correct technique! :-)

PS Can you tell us about the picture you included with this submission?

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