Increase Your Shoulder Mobility with these Great Shoulder Stretch Techniques

shoulder stretch, shoulder mobility

On the general stretching techniques page of our site we showed you the basic shoulder stretch above.

For this basic technique you clasp your hands behind your back and then lift your hands as high as you can to stretch out the front of your shoulders.

It's a great basic technique.

shoulder stretch, shoulder mobility

If you want to improve your shoulder mobility further this is a more advanced set of exercises.

Invest in a strong rubber band - most fitness stores carry these.

The band makes you work both shoulders equally and it's elasticity increases the stretch.

Hold the band in front of your hips

Have your hands about one and a half shoulder widths apart.

Now before you start check your posture is good.

And drop and relax your shoulders away from your ears.

shoulder stretch, shoulder mobility

Now keeping your shoulders down away from your ears slowly lift your hands up.

Stretch high up over your head.

Remember to breathe and hold your core tight.

shoulder stretch, shoulder mobility

And slowly bring your shoulders down behind you to complete the stretch.

Stop, breathe, relax and then go back the other way.

Start with maybe 5 complete sets and then increase to 10 as you get more flexible.

Shoulder mobility is important for keeping the posture of your back and neck good as you get older.

In martial arts shoulder mobility is important if you do any kind of grappling or throwing techniques.

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