Shin's Tae Kwon Do Institute

Here is the taekwondo belt system for Shin's Tae Kwon Do Institute

Yellow with 3 Black Stripes
Green with 3 Black Stripes
Red with 2 Stripes
Red with 3 Stripes

I am currently a second degree black belt.

The most fun part is sharing my knowledge I've gained over ten years of practice, with others.

One of the more challenging things for me because I'm a perfectionist, is watching someone test and they need to be told how to do their form. With little children I get it, they're little they are not going to be perfect. But with the older people, it just makes me want to go up and shake them by the shoulders, though I haven't yet!

The hardest part has definetly been the desire to quit. Though I never have, I've stuck with it and my inner fire for Tae Kwon Do is brighter becuase of it.

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