Shadowless Sword

by Tiago Costa

Hi everyone. How about a Korean martial arts movie for a change?

Shadowless Sword shows that good movies aren't made just in Hollywood (or in someone's backyard with a low budget so it can win a lot of prizes at Cannes). Shadowless sword is what I call surprising. Though it uses wires here and there, the plot, the acting and the script are very good.

It all happens when the prince of Balhae, a Korean kingdom, is murdered. In order to get someone back in the throne so that the kingdom doesn't fall, a beautiful lady warrior goes searching for a young exiled prince. At first he's very reluctant on joining her, but eventually he will come to peace with his destiny and head home, slashing through any evil doer that crosses their path.

Obviously, it's a lot more complicated than that, with a lot more characters and the proof that Koreans can make huge productions as well. Just check it out for yourselves, you won't be disappointed!

Deb's Reply

Hey Tiago

Thanks once again for a great contribution to the site - this martial arts movie sounds like one to check out!

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