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Are you starting your senior taekwondo journey in your 40s, 50s, 60s or beyond?

Good for you!

Here's some help and advice to start you on the right track.

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What's your image of a typical 70-year-old?

Someone who sits in an armchair a lot?

Then gets up clutching their back?

And struggles to walk to the local shops?

Do you know any 70-year-olds who stand up lovely and straight?

With their shoulders back.

And can still touch their toes?

We do.

Take taekwondo Grand Masters.

The ones we've met are fit and flexible. Because practising a martial art is great all round exercise.

As a senior taekwondo student you exercise your whole body. From top to toe. Creating a healthier, stronger and younger looking body. And there's something else...

...taekwondo gives your brain a workout. You learn complicated Poomses. And moves needing great co-ordination.

And it's a fact that if we keep using our brain. And testing ourselves.

Our minds will stay sharp.

At the beginning of your training our advice is simple....

Take it easy!

Unless you are already very fit, strong and flexible. We suggest you start slowly. Maybe just train once a week initially.

It takes time for your body to adjust to taekwondo training. It's hard going. And it's very easy to over-train at the beginning.

Then get injured.

And lose confidence.

Then stop training.

So while you do need to push yourself a bit. It's also very important to listen to your body.

A little discomfort on a stretch is fine. But great pain is not.

play to your strengths

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We don't try to compete with youth. Because we know we can't.

We're not as fast as the younger students.

It takes us longer to get flexible.

We get injured more easily. And we take longer to heal.

The advantage senior taekwondo students have over youth.... life experience.

Older students are often wiser. They think before they act. And they often have more self-control.

They have the mental toughness to push through tough training.

And they know the power of perseverance.

Because it's a lesson they've usually already learned. Many times over!

So we say.

Don't be a hare.

Because the tortoise will win.

Take your time. Enjoy the challenge.

The challenge of learning something new later in life.

And enjoy the growth that comes from that.

Oh yes... and stretch!

Stretch every single day!

Here's some great stretching techniques to keep you supple.

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