Effective self defense for children...
'giving our children the tools they need to stay safe'

On this page we cover specialist self defense for children.

We talk about teaching your child the awareness they need to keep them out of trouble.

We describe some great kid's self defense techniques so they can fight effectively if they need to.

And we talk about how taekwondo training can help your child to think straight under pressure.

Here's some great self defense techniques for children

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What if the worst happens?...

Your child is grabbed by an adult. What should they do?

Your child's best bet is to shout and scream and yell at the top of their voice.

They should wriggle like mad and to kick their legs violently.

Try it...

Pick your child up and them get them to kick their legs hard and fast.

You'll find your shins will take a bashing and you won't hold on for long!

self defense for children,self defense techniques,taekwondo

Pinching is a great self defense technique for kids.

Teach your child how to pinch the thin skin on the inside of a thigh or arm.

Get them to dig their nails in.

It really hurts!

self defense for children,self defense techniques,taekwondo

And your kids can easily bend back fingers. This is a great way to get an adult to release a grab.

And after your child has broken free. Teach them to run like the wind.

The best self defense for children is being out of the way of danger.

Teach your child awareness

The first rule of self defense for children (and adults too!) is not to be there. It's simple...

If you avoid trouble you don't have to deal with it.

Explain this to your kids. Talk to them about ways to avoid confrontation at school. Teach them to be aware of other people's behavior.

Explain to them how to recognize if someone is getting angry. This gives them the chance to be out of the way before any trouble starts.

Talk to your child about the company they keep. Talk about making friends with non-aggressive kids.

Talk to your teenager about unsafe areas of your town. And discuss the importance of staying with a group of trustworthy friends.

Taekwondo teaches your child to stay calm under pressure

What do you think your child would do if they were attacked?

In most cases untrained children (and adults) to do one of two things...

Either they freeze. Or they panic.

Neither is much use. Ideally you want your child to stay calm under pressure. To think clearly. And to use their great self defense techniques to great effect.

Learning to stay calm when you are confronted physically takes time and practice. It doesn't come naturally to most people.

Taekwondo training and in particular through taekwondo sparring, kids learn to cope in a confrontational situation.

It's frightening, but under controlled conditions.

Gradually, over time training in martial arts, your child learns not to panic. And not to get angry. But to stay calm and level headed and think clearly.

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