Se-Jong Tae Kwon Do

by Brandon Lauderback
(Charleroi, Pennsylvania, United States)

Every new student must test for their taekwondo white belt.

It takes six months before a student may test for the next belt level so the belt system goes accordingly.

Beginner Level
1.White Belt

Intermediate level
2.Gold Stripe
3.Gold Belt
4.Green Stripe
5.Green Belt
6.Blue stripe

Advanced Level
7.Blue Belt
8.Red Stripe
9.Red Belt
10.Black Stripe
11.Black Belt
12.2nd dan gold dot
13.3rd dan green dot
14.4th dan blue dot
15.5th dan red dot
16.6th dan black dot or solid black belt

I am currently a blue belt under my instructor Russell Urik.

We are a non profit organization and we have 19 schools mostly in Western Pennsylvania and one in North Carolina. Our master is Father Robert Connolly.

We are a more traditional organization and focus more on the importance of self-defense and patterns, rather than sport.

Here is the sejong taekwondo website

Deb's reply

Hi Bradon

Thanks for telling us about the Se-Jong Tae Kwon Do belt system.

It seems many more traditional schools have longer between gradings - and as I always say - in martial arts there is no rush.

Thanks again

Deb :-)

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