by Sevastian Campos
(Carlsbad, NM, USA)

Breaking with a jump roundhouse kick

Breaking with a jump roundhouse kick

My favorite basic taekwondo kick is definitely the roundhouse.

It is quick, powerful, simple, and most importantly, EFFECTIVE!

Roundhouse kick rocks!...just sayin...

Deb's Response

Hi Sevastian

It think you are so right. Turning kick is the most versatile of all the taekwondo kicks.

As you say it's quick and powerful. So in sparring you can use it to score fast points. As an angle kick you can use it to great effect to the body protector. And as a head shot a full turning kick gets you over the guard.

For breaking a traditional turning kick with your toes pulled back is a great option. You can also jump it as you see in the photo.

And for fun... you can't beat tornado kick or 360' turning kick.

Have you seen this t-shirt? It made us smile :-)

Getting to grips with roundhouse kick is a vital part of everyone's taekwondo journey.

So if you're not sure about your technique check out our roundhouse kick page.

The most important part is getting your bottom foot to turn. Do this and lift your knee and the rest will follow.

Thanks Sevastian and happy kicking!

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