Start to master your taekwondo roundhouse kick here!

Taekwondo roundhouse kick. Turning Kick. Angle Kick.

So many names.

So many variations.

Turning kick has to be the most versatile taekwondo kick.

Here's some tips to help you nail the basics and improve your technique and power.

Taekwondo beginner? Start to learn your taekwondo turning kick here

roundhouse kick,turning kick,taekwondo

Your instructor will teach you one maybe two variations of roundhouse kick.

The Korean name for turning kick is Dollyo Chagi.

Whatever the variation of taekwondo turning kick you learn first, some basics are the same.

Your kicking foot comes round in a horizontal arc. So the impact on the target is sideways. Not up or down.

To let this arc happen your top hip has to rotate up and over your bottom hip. And then extend forwards towards the target.

And your standing foot has to turn. If you look at the photo of Leah her toes are pointing away from the target area.

If you don't turn your standing foot your knee will rotate - something it's not designed to do!

Improving your taekwondo turning kick

roundhouse kick,turning kick,taekwondo

Your hip flexibility is important if you want to improve your taekwondo roundhouse kick.

You need flexible muscles around your hip joint. And the hip joint itself needs to be flexible.

Don't worry too much at the beginning. Just training each week will help your flexibility.

And later as your martial arts skills improve and you want to push yourself more.

You can consider hip stretching outside of class to help you to move forwards.

roundhouse kick,turning kick,taekwondo

Over time training your turning kick will become more powerful.

But for quick progress you can also do separate hip strengthening exercises.

And once you're got the strength and flexibility?...You need to relax!

If you watch great taekwondo players they are totally chilled.

Their shoulders are relaxed.

They seem to be making no effort. And yet the speed and power they generate are awesome!

Traditional taekwondo turning kick - 'the powerhouse roundhouse'

roundhouse kick,turning kick,taekwondo

Traditional taekwondo turning kick is great for breaking.

You hit the target with the ball of your foot. With your toes pulled back.

First lift your knee behind you. Then bring it round in a large arc with your foot and knee level.

Your hip and knee move together. So as your knee goes round. Your hip comes with it.

Your knee extends at the last minute. And the result is a powerful horizontal strike through the target.

If you've worked on your hip strength. And you combine this with relaxation and determination.

You can break some pretty big bits of wood with this taekwondo kick.

Very satisfying!

Roundhouse kicks in taekwondo sparring

roundhouse kick,turning kick,taekwondo

Where frontkick is the basic of tkd patterns. The taekwondo roundhouse kick is the basic of taekwondo sparring.

It's often used as a fast technique aimed at the ribs. Ideally the kick comes up and under the guard. And scores a point for a body shot to the taekwondo chest protector.

To do this kick take your knee straight up towards the target. And then turn your hip over at the last minute to hit the target with the top of your foot.

If you don't turn your hip all the way over. The kick hits the target at a 45 degree angle - half way between vertical and horizontal. This is an angle kick.

Your tkd roundhouse kick can also be aimed at your opponent's head.

To get round the guard players will often lift the knee from behind and execute a more traditional style kick. With a full body turn.

To get the height. The standing foot turns a full 180 degrees. And most mortals have to dip their body down to reach high enough!

A devastating kick when it's on target!

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