Red Dragon Taekwondo

by George
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Hello there! My belt system is pretty simple. We have White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Red with black tag and Black belt. Then the Dans. We grade 3 times a year. I'm a white belt (cause I started 5 weeks ago XD).

The thing I eenjoyed the most in my journey is pretty much EVERYTHING!!! I don't know which aspect is the best but I can say I'm lovin' it!

For me the hardest part is learning the forms. I got the hang of it though BUT I was really bad at the stances (forward and back stance). Yesterday I finally learnt the stances properly. I was soooooooo happy!!!

(BTW I'm 11 years old XD)

I conclude this by saying I loooove Taekwondo and my dojang!!!

Deb's Reply

Hey George

Great to hear from you! It's lovely to see your enthusiasm shining out of the screen.

Hang on to that - because at times it will get tough and your enthusiasm will help you through.

If you have a time when you are finding it hard I suggest you look at this web page and remind yourself about how you felt at the beginning - it will spur you on.

Great Job and happy kicking

Deb :-)

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Oct 02, 2010
I wrote this page and a little updates
by: George

Thank you all for your generous comments!! I just got a mistake with a belt system cause when I wrote that I didn't know anything about the system. It actually goes:
Green Stripe
Blue Stripe
Brown Stripe
Red stripe
and the black (poom belt if you're under 16)
I really enjoyed My Journey so far, I became a yellow belt 2 weeks ago! I was so happy! I found out that our forms system is pretty unique. For the white belt, it's actually an ITF form (Chon Ji) Then it starts WTF. Every solid coluour are Plagwes and stripes are Taeugueks. I also found out that he white belt form for me was actually harder! It took me 3 weeks to learn Chin Ji but only 30 minutes to learn Plagwe 1...
Thank you for reading this update!

Aug 10, 2010
by: kevin kreckel

hi, thanks for sharing your belt system and your enthusiasm for taekwondo!
its the best journey you`ll ever love!aand here's an idea that might help have your sabumnihm
tape the floor where your foot placement should be relative to your size and this way with repetitive practice your feet will over time go to that spot instinctively!

as for the forms, do your forms in sets of two to four movements this way you only have to memorize
two or four movements at a time instead of worrying about the whole form!
good luck on your journey,and if you are in need of assistance i am sure everyone here will be more than willing to help``` advice wise

Aug 09, 2010
Belt advancement.
by: David Fiscus


Thanks for sharing your schools belt system with us.

My first belt advancement, for us was going from white to yellow, was still my favorite. I didn't think I would EVER learn that first form {:-)
But I did, and the rest of the forms for future belt advancement build off previous forms and techniques.

I wish I had started when I was 11, I began at age 53!!. You will find your self confidence, strength, and flexibility grow. Learning to defend yourself is good, but you will learn more than that. Like self respect, self confidence, comradary with your classmates.

Keep posting updates as you learn and advance.

Congratulations on starting down the Taekwondo path.

Aug 08, 2010
by: Tiago Costa

Thanks for telling us about your belt system at your school. Is normal to have difficulties, but I will tell you the greatest secret about martial arts training: and that secret is repetition. The more you practice a stance, a kick, a block, a strike or a pattern, the better it will get. Keep it up!

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