Traditional Taekwondo Patterns - Pyun Ahn E Dan

E Dan is the second in the Pyun Ahn Series of tradtional patterns.

In the video you see Chris Sy perform the pattern slowly first so you can learn the moves. And then at full speed so you can get an idea of the timing of each section.

Chris performs the pattern in the traditional Moo do Kwan style. This means the stances are long, and the arms tend to be extended on blocks and strikes to keep an attacker at a distance.

We think the first section of this pattern is the hardest to get right. Spend some time getting to grips with it - it's quite a big step up from Cho Dan.

We suggest you break the moves down to be sure you perform each one and don't skip bits. Make sure that you cross your hands in front of your body before you move into the combined head block and outer forearm strike.

This pattern is usually required for your belt test at around 6th Kup stage (around green belt).

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