Traditional Taekwondo Patterns - Pyun Ahn Cho Dan

Cho Dan is the first of the Pyun Ahn Series of tradtional patterns.

In the video you see Chris Sy perform the pattern slowly first so you can learn the moves. And then at full speed so you can get an idea of the timing of each section.

Chris performs the pattern in the traditional Moo do Kwan style. This means the stances are long, and the arms are extended on blocks and strikes to keep an attacker at a distance.

Note the three strikes that look a bit like head blocks are forearm strikes. These would be aimed under the attackers chin.

Also after the second low block the turn, twist and step are great a great option for releasing from a wrist grab.

This pattern is usually required for your belt test at around 7th Kup stage (green stripe).

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