Learn the Power of a Push Kick

Need some space sparring?

Have you ever been backed into a corner and not sure what to do?

The push kick, also know as Mirro Chagi in Korean, is a great technique for both situations.

A very powerful and useful kick like not other.

Most taekwondo kicks can be devastating to the other person... inflicting pain or causing injury is a typical outcome if the recipient hasn't managed to get out of the way!

So why use a push kick?

With the push kick, you are redirecting your opponent...

... you are literally pushing them away from you.

It may cause injury if they trip and fall on their way back, but that would be about it. Depending on where the foot is planted can also determine if more damage will be done.

The outcome you want is to get them off balance and away from you.

Check out this tutorial video on the Taekwondo push kick....

here's the basics of taekwondo Push kick

push kick,taekwondo kicks,taekwondo
push kick,taekwondo kicks,taekwondo

The technique of a push kick is simple. You need three things...

  • Hip flexibility
  • Strong core and leg muscles
  • Space behind your opponent

First of all bring your knee all the way up to your chest.

Remember how in a front kick you lift you knee to point at your target?

With the push kick your knee needs to lift so the front of your thigh (quadriceps) and top of your knee is almost touching your abdomen and chest. You're lifting it that high!

Foot Position and Execution of the Push Kick

push kick,taekwondo kicks,taekwondo

Your ankle should be flexed and toes pointed up. Also keep your standing leg slightly bent and turning slightly out.

Then just plant the bottom of your foot from heel to toes on your opponents body. Next straighten your knee and push them away while your body and hips are thrusting forward.

If you're facing them front on, its probably going to be their stomach, solar plex or chest if you were sparring competitively.

If you're in a self defense situation and perhaps your opponent is turned to the side, it could be their lower ribs or hip bone.

The push kick can be used off the front or back foot.

Tips for a Good Push kick

As with all the taekwondo kick, core strength and relaxed shoulder are important.

Even more important or more difficult to achieve for some is the hip flexibility. If you're not flexible enough to get your knee all the way to your chest its difficult to switch on your glute and leg muscles for maximum pushing.

Head here for tips to loosen up your hips

Here's a some ideas for core strengthening

Fun Practicing the Push Kick

push kick,taekwondo kicks,taekwondo

One of the best ways to practice the push kick is with a partner.

Pick someone about your height to start with.

LIke the photo just practice placing the whole flat of your foot on your partners solar plex or abdomen. If its completely flat that you have the flexibility for a good push kick.

If you can only touch them with your toes or ball of your foot, you need to do more stretching!

Very gently and in slow motion, straighten your knee, thrust your hips forward while using your bodies momentum and see if you can get your partner to move backwards slightly.

If your foot slips to the side, your off target... always try to plant your target right in the center.

If you get them to move, congratulations - you've executed a push kick!

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