What's the purpose of taekwondo? What can taekwondo training do for you?

What's the purpose of taekwondo in today's world?

After all isn't it a martial art?

Developed from systems used to train ancient Korean warriors.

Why would that be any use today?

Taekwondo gets you fit

purpose of taekwondo, taekwondo fitness

It's a fact of modern life we sit a lot.

We sit in front of computers. In front of the TV. And in cars.

And our bodies? Were not made to sit around.

Human bodies are made for exercise.

Our bodies were made to run and hunt. And lift and carry. And be strong and fit.

And when we are strong and fit. We feel healthy. And well. And positive.

The purpose of taekwondo fitness? Is all round body fitness.

Train in taekwondo and you get.

Aerobic exercise. Which makes your heart and lungs work better. So you feel energized and well.

Anaerobic exercise. So you build lean muscle. And can run fast should you need to.

Strength training. In all your muscles. So you can lift and carry safely. And keep your posture good.

And taekwondo stretching. So you get more flexible. And your body doesn't stiffen up as you get older.

Why do we kick in taekwondo?

And what's the point of taekwondo kicks? After all the kicks are hard to learn. And chances are in modern life you'll never use them in self defense.

Well. Apart from being cool. And fun to do. Taekwondo kicks are good for you.

For example. To do a side kick you need strong hip, thigh and core muscles. Do it slowly and you will develop amazing strength in these muscles. Which is good for your body.

And kicking a kick bag or a target. And hearing that sound of a great hit. Is an amazing de-stress.

Purpose of Taekwondo Patterns

So what's the purpose of taekwondo patterns or poomse? They're tough to learn. Why bother?

Learning patterns is a mental test. The process of mastering poomse improves concentration. Co-ordination. And memory.

It's a real brain test. Which sharpens your mind.

And for kids. Learning poomse is great for increasing their focus.

Purpose of Taekwondo Sparring

purpose of taekwondo, taekwondo sparring

And what's the point of taekwondo sparring? Getting padded up and fighting an opponent. Isn't that just being aggressive?

Well this is what we think.

It's all very well learning great looking kicks and punches.

But unless you've been in a physically confronting situation. Where someone is trying to attack you. And you've felt the fear. And taken a blow or two.

You never know whether you would be able to think clearly without panicking. And whether you would stand up and fight. Or whether you would just freeze up.

Taekwondo sparring is a controlled fight. And yes for many of us it is terrifying at the beginning. But in time it gets easier and less daunting.

As in time. You get tougher and stronger.

In taekwondo you learn to defend yourself

You probably don't need us to tell you the purpose of taekwondo self defense training.

It's pretty straightforward.

If you're fit. And you can kick and punch well. And if you also learn specific self defense techniques from your taekwondo school. And you've faced confrontation in sparring.

Then compared to before you learned those things. You're more likely to be able to defend yourself from attack.

And here's why we do board breaking

purpose of taekwondo, taekwondo board breaking

And what's the purpose of taekwondo breaking?

Well it's a good way to test your technique.

If you try to do a side kick through a half inch board. And your technique is wrong.

The board won't break.

However strong you are.

It's also about mental toughness. About positive thinking. About believing that you can do it.

And successfully breaking that board empowers you.

And through all this training. And through all the tests.

Your body and mind get stronger.

So the overall purpose of taekwondo?

To develop a strong mind and body.

To help you through life.

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