Protec Taekwondo Shoes

by Sevastian Campos
(Carlsbad, NM, USA)

I am Sevastian Campos, from Carlsbad, New Mexico.

I have been in taekwondo for about 5 years, although I took a 1 year break in there. I am currently a blue belt and I have never actually worn my taekwondo shoes at class.

I bought them about 7 months ago and I love them. They are comfortable and very sturdy. I know they are sturdy because I have worn them at school, work, and on all sorts of terrain. They are soft and comfortable and when I practice my tkd at home my kicks feels stronger and faster because the shoes seem designed to add speed to your kicks because of the shape of the shoe itself.

They make the foot seem small and tight which helps to make it fly through the air when one kicks. And the leather of the shoe is tough so it adds a bite to whatever is on the receiving end of the kick.

So overall, I love Protec taekwondo shoes. Mine are great. They would have been a great help in a tournament I went to a few months ago. There were no mats there, just tarps on hardwood floor.

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Jun 01, 2010
by: David Fiscus

I am a firm believer in wearing taekwondo shoes. The first time I forgot to bring mine to class, I broke some bones in my left foot. In the school my brother attends, no one wears shoes, an he has broken his toes on 2 separate occasions.

I wear Mooto wings TKD shoes.

May 29, 2010
Shoes rule
by: Tiago

Hi Sevastian!
I think you are right, taekwondo shoes are awesome. I bought mine a couple of months ago and wore them for the first time last Sunday at a tournament (I was a referee) and they feel really comfortable. They would also have been a great help when I pratised at the other TKD school, 12 years ago.

But you know, the first place where we practiced was also hard wood, and when I went to my first tournament, so was the floor of that place, and while everyone was complaining me and my friends were so used to the hard flood and even falling on it that most of us won. When that school moved to another place, it would've been great to have taekwondo shoes, because we also had no mat. Now we do, and we can't wear them, and I kind of agree because it increases toughness.

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