by Cathi Soldier Wolf
(St.Stephens, Wyoming, USA)

Our school is situated in central Wyoming, within the boundaries of the Wind River Indian Reservation & we are extremely privileged to have such a highly talented and wonderful Master Instructor, Master Kale Watkins in such a remote area we live in. Master Watkins was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2007,(USA).

We are a family of 4,(Annin-42yrs, Cathi-(me)49yrs, Echo-15yrs and Hista-12yrs). Finally my life changed where I could take up taekwondo. I had done Kung-Fu and Kickboxing in my early 20's but life takes over and was unable to pursue my Martial Arts passion.

But at 45, I took up WTF taekwondo, under Master Watkins. My son and I joined in June 2008, a week later my Husband and daughter joined.

"The Family That Kicks Together, Sticks together", is our family motto.

The school is a wonderful place to spend family time. In fact it's my true "Happy Place" I like to train at least 4 x week, if not more. We learned so much about ourselves. The school became a close knit extended family. We watched each other grow and blossom. We competed successfully and still are today (Oct 2011), both in Poomse and Sparring, as well as weapons for Annin and Hista.

Annin is a self-taught multi-weapons natural and has passed on this natural talent to Hista. Though our daughter quit after 3 months to pursue other interest, she's still part of the taekwondo team, videoing our families achievements at Tournaments, helping out at the School.

3 1/2 years later, I'm ranked (2nd Kup)-Red Belt, I assist the Intructors in all classes, getting teaching time towards my Black belt, which is my 50th Birthday Goal mid next year. Annin and Hista are both ranked 4th Kup- Blue belts, both assist the Instructors as well.

I can't think of life now without Taekwondo. My Goal after achieving Black belt is to open a WTF taekwondo School,(Under Master Watkin) when we move to Tawonga, Victoria, Australia, late 2012.
Thank you, Master Watkins, Kam sam ni da.

Deb's reply

Hi Cathi

Thanks for sharing your story and telling us about Progressive Taekwondo. Congratulations on your achievements so far and good luck with your black belt test and move to Australia.


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