Practice Breaking boards and concrete blocks, even when you are over 50

by David Fiscus
(Cypress, Tx)

My Black Belt

My Black Belt

I have had the pleasure of contributing to this site for several years now. I love to share information with other martial arts students and enthusists. Now I am 56 years old, and though I have lost a lot of weight, I still have a long way to go to reach my goal. I use a number of different training tools to help me improve my martial arts skills. One of the newest things I am using is an invention of a friend of mine, called the Board Buddy. The Board Buddy holds wooden boards, re-breakable boards, or even 2 1/2 inch thick concrete patio stones....without the necessity of having a training partner. Frankly my wife (also a martial artist) was tired of me hitting her fingers. I have a video of one of my training sessions loaded on you tube. I hope this training tool will help other martial artists see that even over 50, and a bit over weight, you can accomplish more than you might realize, especially if you get the right training equipment to help you.

Best Regards always,
David Fiscus

Linda's reply
What a great invention but I can't view it from the link you sent. Perhaps check for a typo or make a Google search suggestion. I'm sure your wife was thrilled with the Board Buddy:) It so great to hear from martial artists over 50 which will be me next year, and that your wife trains as well. Thanks for the great picture too. Jung Shin!

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May 14, 2012
Over 50
by: cnotanative

I was pleased to see a comment from someone who was had experienced life a little more than the average TKD student. I am coming in to the sport at 57 years. Low rank but have gained immense benefit and a hunger to continue. The first snap of a board got me hooked. You're never too old to start and no reason to give up. :)

Linda's reply
Keep up the good work - Jung shin tong il!

Apr 17, 2012
Link is correct
by: David Fiscus

Not sure why the link didn't work. I copied and pasted it into my Internet Explorer and it worked. Anyone having problems viewing it, can go to and search for me (fiscusd). I have around 15 videos uploaded, the latest one is me using the board brother.

Tiago old friend, I hope you are well. I always appreciate your input. There is no doubt that positive mental outlook and focus will help you as a martial artist, and life in general.

Linda's Reply
Thanks David - found it! @Tiago, great explanation of frequencies and vibration of energy in relation to thought. Very powerful. Look forward to hearing more.

Apr 17, 2012
That's the way you do it!
by: Tiago Costa

Hello David! I'm very glad to see your comment here. A few months back my master started teaching me the more mental aspects of the art. How to be in the right mindset and how thought affects our daily lives, as well as our performance in martial arts. The truth is, you are only as old as you feel, since every cell of the body gets renewed within some years. Have you ever noticed how people of the same age seem to have this abyssal difference on looks and overall hearlth? That's determined by the mind, every molecule of the body is essentialy energy, and it vibrates in a certain frequence. Our brains send out elctromagnetic waves that set our body vibrating on the same frequence of the thoughts and the subconcious truths that entertain our minds. (How to change that? Positivie and constructive thinking, and lots of meditation!)

Glad yor doing so well!

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