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Pictures of traditional Korean dress the Hanbok

Pictures Of South Korea Hanbok

How colorful does this lovely Korean lady look?

The traditional Korean costume is a called hanbok.

It's simple and brightly colored.

With a short jacket worn over a skirt.

Most Koreans now only wear hanboks on special occasions.

Photo of Cheonggyecheon in Seoul at night

Pictures of South Korea Cheonggyecheon At Night

A few years ago this waterway was a freeway!

Choked with traffic!

Originally Cheonggyecheon was a small stream running through Seoul.

Then a huge freeway was built over the top of it.

Thankfully South Koreans had great foresight.

And took the brave decision to tear the freeway down.

And today this fabulous waterway winds through central Seoul.

It's a peaceful place to take a walk.

With the hustle and bustle of Seoul just above you.

We think Cheonggyecheon looks stunning at night.

Pictures of Yeoudio in Seoul - Cherry Blossom

Pictures of South Korea Yeoudio Cherry Blossom

These are some of our favorite pictures of South Korea.

We were so lucky to be in Korea in mid-April.

As the cherry blossom is only out for 4 or 5 days.

The streets of Yeoudio were packed with families.

All the generations.

Enjoying nature's beauty.


Pictures of South Korea Seoul Yeoudio Cherry Blossom
Pictures of South Korea Seoul Yeoudio Cherry Blossom

Picture of Heung-Injimun or Dongdaemun in Seoul

Pictures of South Korea Seoul Yeoudio Cherry Blossom

Dongdaemun means Great East Gate.

During the Joseon Dynasty.

Seoul had a wall all around it.

And this was the East Gate in that wall.

It's a great landmark in Seoul.

We think it looks especially impressive at night.

Picture of South Korean Teenagers

Pictures of South Korea South Korean Teenagers

We think Korea's young people are gorgeous.

They are friendly.


And well behaved.

They often stopped us in the street.

To try out their English.

And have a photo taken.

We love this one of Leah with some South Korean teenagers.

Picture of a traditional Korean building

Pictures of South Korea Traditional Building Roof Structure

This is one of our favourite pictures of South Korea.

It is a traditional Korean building.

Which has been turned into a fabulous restaurant.

The woodwork is stunningly beautiful.

With typical Korean attention to detail.

Picture WaWoo temple steps

Pictures of South Korea Traditional WaWoo Temple Steps

These stone steps are at WaWoo temple.

A Buddhist temple famous for it's beautiful gardens.

Many people come to meditate.

And enjoy walking around the grounds.

The day we went was gorgeous.

A fabulous, sunny Spring day.

We felt incredible peace as we wandered through the stunning temple grounds.

And as the warm wind blew up from the valley.

Cherry blossom fell from the trees.

And drenched us in flower rain.

Photo of Dorasan Station

Pictures of South Korea Dorasan Station

Dorasan station is right by the border with North Korea.

It was built with hopes high that South and North Korea would unite.

And opened by U S President George W Bush.

Unity would bring South Koreans a train link through North Korea.

And on into China and Europe.

Dorasan is a truly modern and luxurious 21st century station.

And murals on the walls and pillars transmit messages of peace and unity.

At the moment though the only visitors enjoying the luxury are tourists.

And at the time of writing.

Dorasan is very definitely the end of the line.

North Korea through a telescope

Pictures of South Korea Looking into North Korea

This is the last of our pictures of South Korea.

We weren't allowed to take photos from any closer than this.

It was weird to stand free. On the side of a hill in South Korea. And stare into North Korea.

We saw a flat valley of fields. With a few roads and rivers. And very few trees.

We noticed the huge blue North Korean flag-pole.

Dwarfing the South Korean one a few metres to the South.

And from behind the valley rose one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world.

There was no sound. No cars on the roads. No sign of life.

And while we stared at the stunning view.

The breeze from North Korea.

Blew gently into our faces.

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