Philippine Taekwondo Association

by Harrell Wong
(Quezon City, Philippines)

Here's the tkd belt system for the Philippine Taekwondo Association:

White belt
Yellow belt (low)
Yellow belt (high)
Blue belt (low)
Blue belt (high)
Red belt (low)
Red belt (high)
Brown belt (1st and 2nd dan)
Black belt (1st to 9th dan)

A student can go to the next belt by taking an exam given by the PTA which evaluates mastery of knowledge regarding Taekwondo and the belt that is held and also of Taekwondo techniques, forms, stances, etc learned during the current belt held.

My current belt: Blue low (although it has been almost 10 years since I last practiced Taekwondo)

Taekwondo opened up the world of Martial Arts for me. After doing Taekwondo for 5 years, I eventually took basic lessons for Kung Fu and Karate. Self-defense is basically an instinct now even though I haven't practiced Martial Arts for almost 10 years.

The hardest part of taking Taekwondo was that getting to the next belt was very slow as there was only two examinations per year where you can apply for the next belt (this was during the days when I still practiced Taekwondo, I'm not sure what the system is now).

Even though I have mastered the previous belt, I had to wait for the examinations given by the PTA to get my next belt. This was very frustrating and I eventually entered High School and then College and I had no more time to practice Taekwondo. This is why I only managed to reach blue belt.

Deb's Reply

Hi Harrell Great to hear from you and thanks for telling us about the Philippine Taekwondo Association belt system.

Many students get frustrated and are desperate to push forward to the next belt. It's worth remembering this...

'it's not the Dan it's the Man that counts'

Wearing the next colored belt will not make you a better martial artist. There are many poor standard black belts out there.

As long as you keep moving forwards with your training and growing as a person, the belt color round your waist doesn't matter at all.

Deb :-)

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Jun 28, 2012
i love this game
by: jeffrey iverson

im part of this organization, i started on my college life, in taekwondo you can find a lot of friends and also develope your self discipline, indomittable spirit,

Apr 28, 2012
by: Agila

Its true that continuous practice is really a factor. But you need to passed thru a promotion. A PTA promotion is a standard to gauge your self .
I advise you to slowly have your promotion. Believe me it will help you generally, as an individual and as a player. Good luck

Apr 20, 2012
RE: Will I retain my current belt years ago if I start training again?
by: Vince

Thanks Linda! I appreciate your immediate response. In fact, I just earned my orange belt in Kyokushin and just recently I started thinking about why not continue my TKD instead and get my BB first before learning another discipline.

Unfortunately, I have to find a new school near my work place just in case. TKD is my first love and all my learnings from it made me a better Kyokushin beginner in a way..:) I have high respect and admiration to all kinds of Martial Arts hoping to earn BB's from atleast 3 different MA's before my body retires.

Thanks again and God bless! -Vince

Apr 19, 2012
Will I retain my current belt years ago if I start training again?
by: Vince

Hello Sir, I'm into TKD over 10yrs ago and I was a red belt (high) back then. Will I retain my belt if I continue my training now or should I start back to white again? Thx! -Vince

Linda's reply
Good question Vince. You earned it so it is yours to wear. However, it is up to the school you will train at to continue you at the red belt level. If you are returning to the same school then, yes, you could continue to wear it. You may feel less confident because it has been awhile since you stood in the senior position but with training you will get there:)

If you will be training at a new school, it will be up to the Kwan Jang Nim(s). You can come to class in your red belt, however, they may ask you to retest your last exam or assess your knowledge and move you to a different belt. Schools do have varied belt systems so it may just be a situation where they match your knowledge with the syllabus they have set. They may also have you stay as a red belt but ask you to retrain based on their syllabus so at your next grading you will be as ready as the other students. You are reaching a level where leadership and teaching may be asked of you, so you will want to be prepared!

Lastly, if you are going to practice a new martial art, for example, Karate when you've been practicing Taekwondo prior, you will start as a white belt.

Good luck in your next journey in Taekwondo. Returning on the path will bring great benefits as you know.

Feb 20, 2011
My Race
by: Georgene

Yep yep. It applies to me. I am currently a low-brown belter by now. But as my rank gets higher, I recently just realized that it gets harder for me to win more medals as my battles get more challenging because I needed to face tougher opponents during competition. Quite difficult for me because I am very busy and I can only train once a week. :(

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