Peak performance taekwondo... boost your taekwondo fitness

Peak performance taekwondo is all about getting the best from your body.

And doing the best for your body.

It's about working with what you have to be the very best you can be in martial arts.

What do you want to achieve?

Our top ten taekwondo training tips will help you get there.

1. Vary your routine

peak performance taekwondo vary your routine

If you do the same old thing week in week out...

...your body and your mind get used to it!

Your body stops adapting to the exercise.

And you stop growing mentally.

For peak performance taekwondo give your body a bit of a shock now and then. This forces your body adapt and keep getting stronger.


If you haven't done a long run for a while. Get your running shoes on. Or if it's been a while since you've done sprints or intervals...

...same advice. Get going!

If you stuck for ideas try this taekwondo fitness training program. We use it when our bodies need a bit of a wake up workout.

2. Sleep is an under-rated part of your taekwondo training schedule!

Sleep more and improve your taekwondo performance... do you like the sound of that?

Getting enough sleep is vital for good athletic performance.

Here's why more sleep will help you perform at your best.

3. Make your muscles lean and strong

peak performance taekwondo strong, lean muscles

For peak performance taekwondo you need to be strong.

This means building strong, lean muscles.

(Bulky muscles are not much use in taekwondo because they slow you down.)

We think the best strength exercises for martial arts use your own body weight.

Unique-bodyweight-exercises gives great up to date information to help you build your fitness through body weight exercise.

For really powerful kicks you need to build strong core muscles and work on your hip strength.

Pilates is a brilliant exercise system that works on your core strength, leg strength and joint mobility. Give pilates a try if you are looking for some great results.

4. If you train every day you WILL burn out

You are not a machine.

Your body (and mind) are living things. And living things need to work and then rest to perform properly.


For peak performance taekwondo train hard in bursts.

If you're working towards a competition or a grading. Great. Train hard for a few weeks. Maybe 4,5 or even 6 times a week if you're already fit.

And then once the comp is over or the grading is done. Slow down. Take a few days off. Rest up. Then go back to training two or three times a week for a while.

We've seen people try to train every day for months on end. They end up exhausted, burned out and fed up.

And then they quit.

Make sure that's not you.

5. Get out of your Dojang

peak performance taekwondo take on new challenges

If you train in one Dojang all the time you might only learn one way to do things. And believe us there's more than one way to do most things.

So our advice is go and see what's out there. There are lots of people doing great things in martial arts. And they're usually happy to share their ideas with you.

At this point you can take what works for you. And leave the rest.

When we trained in Korea we learned incredible new skills. The trip inspired and motivated us.

And by visiting our local itf club we learned about itf taekwondo and made some new friends.

We want to be very clear here. We think it's very important to be loyal to your club and your master.

We think you should base your core training at one dojang.

But by getting out into the martial arts community you can broaden your outlook. Be motivated and inspired. And grow as a martial artist.

6. Stretch stretch streeeeeetch!

Stretching is vital for peak performance taekwondo. If you don't stretch tkd will be tough. And the high taekwondo kicks will elude you.

Stretching keeps your body flexible. Helps keep your posture good. And if you're flexible you're less likely to get injured.


Stretch after every training session in or out of the taekwondo Dojang. Stretch at work. Stretch in front of the TV. In short. Stretch whenever you can!

You'll find great stretching ideas in our stretching techniques section

7. Relax!

If you watch the best taekwondo players they are incredibly relaxed. And because they are relaxed their movements are fluid and fast. And their bodies can absorb impacts.

For peak performance taekwondo you also need to relax.


If you feel your shoulders lift with tension drop them down and give your arms a shake.

If you find yourself forcing a taekwondo kick to make it strong. Shake your leg off and allow your technique to flow for your next one.

And if you feel tension rise inside you during taekwondo sparring training. Force yourself to smile and feel the tension drain from your body.

If you can relax, your taekwondo your kicks and strikes are faster and stronger. You waste less energy. And you get less injuries.

Deb talks here about how learning to relax helped her taekwondo kicks

8. Eat well - junk in means junk out

Korean meal

For peak performance taekwondo your body needs the right fuel!

You are what you eat.

Put junk food in and you'll get a junk performance out.

Eat enough good quality protein to build lean muscle. Fish, chicken, lean red meat and eggs are good options.

Eat complex carbs for energy. Wholemeal bread, oats, brown rice, brown pasta and potatoes keep you training longer.

Add your five fruit and veg each day and you're well on your way.

Try to avoid sugar. Sweet sugary drinks and snacks give you a high. But then an hour later the fuel has gone and your body has nothing left.

Sure in a competition you might use an energy drink to boost you in that last round.

But in your day to day life - we advise stay off the sugar and go for the complex carbs instead.

Your taekwondo performance will be better in the long run.

9. Take on new challenges

For peak performance taekwondo you have to be mentally on the ball.

You need quick reactions.

You need to remember your patterns under pressure.

And you need think clearly in a confronting situation.

Physical fitness, good food and enough sleep are all vital for keeping your brain sharp and active.

And to increase your mental strength you need to push yourself through barriers and over hurdles.

You need to take on new challenges.

Learn new poomse. Push yourself to try more difficult board breaks.

And test yourself through taekwondo sparring.

10. Keep it fun!

And in the end. It's simple...

...if it's not fun you'll quit.

However much you want to keep training. If you're not enjoying it... you'll stop.

So keep your training fun. Get to a stunning location for a run. Kick some pads with friends. Arrange a plain clothes self defense night.

Because you need to keep smiling to keep kicking!

Here's some video of a great taekwondo athletes having fun!

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