Northwest Alaska Regional Training Center located in Nome, Alaska, U.S.A.

by Tim Stettinger
(Nome, Alaska)

Master Dan and Students Sparring

Master Dan and Students Sparring

Master Dan and Students Sparring My Grandson Michael and Master Dan Master Dan on our left and his daughter, her friend, Michael's friend and fellow student and then Michael on the far right. Michael a couple of years ago at Glacier Creek Falls


My name is Timothy,(Tim), Stettinger, I am 52 years old. I have lived in Nome, Alaska since 1982. I remember when Master Dan came to town.

When my grandson Michael was 6 years old I let him join Master Dan Scholten's School. I have always fantasized about becoming a Martial Artist as I grew up, and as Michael and I spent our time together watching movies about Martial Arts, and Acting out scenes with hastily made "practice weapons", and jumping around,

I saw that he loved the Idea as much as I did so I wasn't going to pass up the chance for him to get a proper education in the Arts, and so I let him join.

He was in training for several years with Master Dan. I quit smoking cigarettes in 2010 and after a couple of months I felt great and thought that I could join the class.

Master Dan doesn't charge for training, the students all get at least their first uniform for free. If you check out Nome, Alaska on Google earth, you will see that the town is on the Seward Peninsula, if you scroll out a little you will see that there is about 15 small villages that surround the Nome area.

Master Dan has been to most of these villages to promote Kukkiwon WTF Taekwondo through his school for the last 17 years or so. Master Dan Follows the Jidokwan philosophy.

Master Dan has done things for the communities he has lived in and visited here in Northwestern Alaska, for example: Salmon and crab fishing for elders.

He has brought fun and exercise and a sense of security to children and teens from all over the region. Now older people like me have been trying out the class.

My Grandson Michael and I have now been training together with Master Dan for almost three years. Michael has been training with him for over seven years. On December 14th, 2012 Michael and I passed our 1st Dan tests together, pictures in the Nome Nugget weekly newspaper show that we received our Kukkiwon certificates and Belts.

Master Dan paid for our certificates from Kukkiwon headquarters, and I bought quite expensive frames and matting for them. they are beautiful.

Master Dan was a student of the late Grand Master Tae Hong Choi at his school in Oregon in the 1970's and is respectful to GM's Choi's teachings through his own teachings involving Michael and myself.

Master Dan has done a lot for people and never gets much recognition or thanks and I just wanted to mention something about my Instructor.

Here is his website:

thank you very much for your website, I have enjoyed learning from your information on ITF and Tang soo do forms.

Tim Stettinger

Linda's reply

What a great story you've told and such a generous Master!

I'm sure you must feel incredibly blessed to be placed in such wonderful circumstances.

For those of you not familiar with Jidokwan, below are a few of the tenants...

1. A leadership imbued with wisdom and refinement.
2. A courageous activist who thinks before his action.
3. A patriot who is devoted to the welfare of his/her nation.

These are just a few of the traits which demonstrates this is a brotherhood and practice of giving.

Congratulations on your black belts and not smoking!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos too.

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