North American Taekwondo Association

by Ben White
(Ypsilanti, U.S.A.)

North American Taekwondo Association is an amazing place to train!

Our Grand Master is Jamie Johnson a 7th dan in Taekwondo and Hapkido. Our Master instructor is Alex Sim who is a 5th dan in Taekwondo. He is very inspiring and always encourages me to push myself to my limits. He is very helpful whenever I have a question about how to improve my Taekwondo abilities.

We train hard every class and it is definitely a tough work out! I have become more disciplined since I joined at this school. Taekwondo is a part of me and I love it more than anything. I thank Grand Master Marshall E. Johnson 9th dan (1933-2006) our original Grand Master, Grand Master Jamie Johnson, Master Sim and all the others that have helped me to enjoy this martial art.

Deb's Reply

Hi Ben

Thanks for telling us about North American Taekwondo Association - your Masters and Grandmasters are clearly very experienced and by the sounds of it great teachers.

I'm really glad to hear you are loving your taekwondo as much as we do. Where are you at on your journey? Good luck with your training

Deb :-)

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